How to set up internet on Yutele ?

How to set up internet on Yutele ?

Now any subscriber of operator Utel has the opportunity at any time and in any place you want, to use the Internet to activate the service "Mobile Internet".Using the network in this case it is possible with the built-in GPRS phone or device connected to the computer through the phone.Before you learn how to set up internet on Yutele, you should read the following information.

Configuring mobile Internet

  1. service operator "Mobile Internet" is available only for those subscribers whose mobile phones are equipped with GPRS technology.For information about your phone can be found in the instructions that came with it.In addition, it is necessary to set up GPRS service directly, hold the phone settings or, if it is necessary, and a computer.
  2. activate the GPRS service, which is available to all subscribers of the operator, it is possible by sending a corresponding SMS message to the number 100. In a text box, enter the code to activate (311 * 1) or the code for deactivating (311 * 0).Also, subscribers can use the USSD-requests - * 100 * 311 * 1 # (connection) and * 100 * 311 * 0 # (off).It should be remembered, and the possibilities of the voice menu (Room 100 * 311).
  3. Activate services Utel subscribers can also thanks to U-office, going into that, you need to choose to add a phone number in the "Free Balance", or in the sidebar.The opened page, "the GSM Mobile Phone: ..." will need to open the block "tariff plan ..." link in the "Tariff Preferences."In the box to the desired service and put a check mark confirms the continuation of the newly formed tariff preferences.
  4. If the Internet connection should be done through the computer, then to set it up will need to enter a series of data.In the column "APN" (Access Point Name, which translated means "AP"), indicates fields for the password and user name are blank.Phone number for connection is specified as follows: * 99 *** 1 #.

Now consider relevant for the month of October 2012, Rostelecom Internet connection diagrams manually or automatically.

How to set up internet on your phone manually Yutel?

As of the month of October 2012, the wiring diagram to the Internet phone manually looks like:

  • APN entered:;
  • password / login: usi;
  • for the home page characteristic:;
  • IP (Gateway): You can leave either pure or enter;
  • port: enter numbers 8080 or 80.
  • settings selected channel connections.Each it can be a either GPRS, or HTTP.

Understand how to set up internet on Yutele helps and automatic tuning.

Automatic tuning

  • not filled Send SMS to short number 104.
  • on the phone to dial a USSD-request * 104 # and press the Call button;
  • Implement input numbers 104 * 1.

This configuration diagram relevant to Utel subscribers "with experience", which until then had not used the GPRS-service and would like to set them up.

Usually, after connecting to the network Utel, the subscriber receives a message with the number 104, which proposes to set up and activate service.If the user agrees, the operator will activate the service and settings available just for his phone.If the user already uses the GPRS service, and changed the phone model, it will also receive a text message with the number 104 with the proposal to establish free access to the Internet settings on your new phone.