How to flash the Nokia Dead ?

How to flash the Nokia Dead ?

So often we give their phones in special lounges for the firmware, and it costs a lot of money.But in fact, such a procedure is not only simple, but also does not take much time, so you can safely, at home, to flash your mobile phone.In this article, we will provide step by step information on how to flash the Nokia dead, without the help of professionals.

firmware process model Nokia

To begin with, we note a very important point, which is to charge the mobile device.Ideally, the mobile phone must be fully charged, but suitable option and a small amount of charge.Otherwise, the firmware can not be dead Nokia.

Connect phone in the dead mode

  • Open the Device Manager on the computer.For those who are not aware of where is device manager, denote the path "My Computer" right click - "Properties" - "Hardware" - "Device Manager".
  • Pulling the sim-card mobile phone and connect it to a computer with a cable.
  • now on the phone, hold on and keep digging for about 2 seconds, after which, in the manager, there will be two devices.Then, press the power button 3 times at intervals of about 15 seconds.Which will install these two devices, namely: Nokia USB flashing parent and Nokia USB flashing generic.They will disappear after a few seconds, so do not worry, everything is going according to plan.

note important point, if one of the two devices is indicated by a yellow exclamation mark, it indicates an error in the installation.This happens when before installing the Phoenix, the other driver was not removed before installing these devices.So, if you have them on your computer, they are before the procedure to remove.

Connecting Phoenix

  • To begin with, the mobile phone must be connected to a computer.
  • Now you need to run the Phoenix, then select «NO CONNECTION» mode.
  • Then, in the upper right corner of the program, press the «File» and choose from the provided list of «Open Product».
  • now we have a list of Nokia phones, select the one that you have connected to your computer and click «OK».

sews dead phone Nokia

Talking about how to flash dead phone the Nokia, we note that none of the presented in this article, points can not be missed, all you need to do well on the plan, otherwise the phone will not be ready for the main flash process.

  • Being all in the same program Phoenix, click the inscription at the top of «Flashing» and from the list that appears, select «Firmware Update».«Product Code»
  • , where the first line of the window now appeared denoted by an inscription.Here you need to enter the firmware code by pressing the right square, which will provide a list of codes.If you do not know what the code is suitable for your phone model, then select the code, the name of which there is an inscription «Cyrillic» or «RU», which will provide you with the Russian language.Then click «OK».
  • Now all in the same window, a little below the inscription «Product Code», put a tick next to the inscription «Dead Phone USB flashing» and at the bottom click the line with the signature «Refurbish».
  • little above, in the same window, you will see the text under the signature of the «Output», and only when there will be the last sentence with the text «Press the phone's power button», once we press the power button on the phone for about 2 seconds.
  • phone flashing process started.You will need to wait about 10 minutes.And if the firmware is successfully ended, there will be a message on the computer with the inscription: «Product flashing succeeded», and the phone will automatically turn on.
  • disconnect the cable and close the program Phoenix.

As you can see, the dead firmware Nokia phones, not only simple, but also accessible to everyone.We wish you the best of luck!