How to flash the Chinese Samsung Galaxy?

How to flash the Chinese Samsung Galaxy?

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How to flash the Chinese Samsung Galaxy?

firmware update - is a great way to bring in the phone system important adjustments, freeing it from the Guardian, making it more technically advanced, adding some new features phone.We offer you the update instructions on the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy through a computer (for example, firmware Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III).

How to flash Samsung Galaxy: User

immediately emphasize that, despite its apparent simplicity, the procedure still requires a basic knowledge in this area.Therefore, if you are not confident in their competence, it is better to ask the professionals.

Get the necessary procedures for the utility, you can, for example, at a specialized forum.We as an example turn for help 4pda


  1. Go to the page dedicated to the insertion phone model, referred to in the first paragraph of Article.
  2. Open the "Official Firmware" and select the latest version (or any other that you are interested in).
  3. Click on the link - it will take you to a different page (such as this).There you can choose a mirror for download file - Yandex-drive, Google-drive or Cloud the link and download the file.
  4. Now open spoiler "Drivers".First of all you will need to download the program Odin3 v3.07 SGSIII (for example, on this page or any other site that you trust).It will help you sew a Chinese Samsung Galaxy.
  5. Next you will need to download and install on your computer program Samsung Kies (the program itself, we do not need to flash, but we need drivers for USB, which automatically installs the utility on the PC).If the program you have installed, you do not need anything.
  6. For further work will need to disable Samsung Kies.To do this, click on the icon on the desktop taskbar, right-click wave and "Exit".


  1. return to the firmware.To do this, open the folder with the download, get it zipped installation file Odin Odin, unzip it.In the appeared normal folder delete ss format file.dll.
  2. After locate the archive folder with installation files for Odin.Unpack it, revealing a normal folder, and run the installation file in it (has a color label).
  3. phone is switched off.
  4. Now press and hold the volume button (at the point, which reduces the sound), in parallel, press and hold the bottom of the «Home» screen and, without releasing it, press and hold the on / off the phone.
  5. lights up a warning message on the display.Releasing all the buttons, once press the top of the volume button - this will allow you to get in flashing mode.
  6. Connect your Samsung to your computer via USB-cable.
  7. If the system works properly on the phone, if you have done everything correctly and working properly all the necessary drivers, the Odin window will turn greenish tinge small window.
  8. click on the button "PDA", open the folder with the firmware, click on a single file (remember, the second we were removed from there) and click in the window "Open".On the contrary «PDA» should see the name of your firmware.
  9. After that Odin, click on the "Start" button.Data will begin the download process, which progress can be tracked on the download bandwidth.It will last for about 4-5 minutes, then turns solid blue box «Reset».
  10. Disconnect the USB cable.
  11. Close Odin.
  12. Turn on the phone - will update the OS on the display.Wait until the end.
  13. When the phone starts, you can go into the settings and there in the "Firmware Version" to see the name of the update you have installed.

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