How to disable Internet on MTS ?

How to disable Internet on MTS ?

MTS mobile operator offers its subscribers the service "Mobile Internet".Often, the need for it disappears.To not have to pay extra money for this service, you should know how to disable Internet on MTS.This was told in detail later.

How to disable Internet on MTS

Disable Internet on MTS can be using several methods.Each of them has its own advantages, so choose the most convenient:

  1. Use your mobile phone.Dial the number on it "111" and wait for an answerphone response.Then follow the prompts robot with which you can deactivate the service "Mobile Internet" himself.
  2. Send SMS-message to the "111" number meek.It is necessary to write the following text: 9950 Then you get to your phone SMS, which will be written, that you have successfully abandoned the "Mobile Internet" and it will no longer be written off the money.
  3. With the help of the operator MTS.Enter from your mobile phone the following number: 0890, when the answering machine will work, press the number "0".
  4. Use the "Internet Assistant".Go to the website of MTS and go fast registration.Use your username and password to access the Members Area.In it you need to go in the service tab and there select "Mobile Web".A new window opens, where you want to click on the option "Disable data" and make the save button "OK".You can then leave the private office, because the service "Mobile Internet" is deactivated.
  5. Contact any office of the company MTS.It will need to present your passport or other identity document.Then you will need to fill the form, and then give it to the manager to work with clients.On the basis of it he will make off the mobile internet.

How to disable the unlimited internet MTS

If you use unlimited internet (Superboy), it will then be necessary to use other methods.They offer you the following:

  1. Send SMS-message to the following number: 111. It write this text: 2520. After that, you will come to the phone SMS, which will be spoken about the service "Unlimited Internet" is deactivated.
  2. use special USSD-command.Simply dial one of the following: * 111 * 252 * 2 # or call * 252 * 0 # Call.After that, the Internet will be immediately disabled.
  3. Visit website, go through the authorization, and in the main menu, select "Service Management".Then, next to the line "Superb on MTS 'tick and click" Disable ".After that make conservation and wait for the output messages that the brought amendments entered into force.

also deactivate the service "Unlimited Internet" from MTS, you can by contacting the operator of the cellular company by phone 0890 or at the nearest branch, where the need to write a sample application and submit any proof of identity (passport, driving license, pension and so on).