How to flash the Chinese Android ?

How to flash the Chinese Android ?

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How to flash the Chinese Android?

Many Chinese buyers choose devices with a more affordable price.Here's how to flash the Chinese Android to update its software.This requires a special cable broaching based on pl2303 controller.

method firmware

First, connect the cable to the PC and install the drivers.pl2303 converter cable is a kind of interface that can convert USB-ports to a virtual COM.

So, you need to flash:

  1. Download SP FlashTool program.After its launch in the list that appears click on Android.
  2. Jump in the box below to select the following files: MTK_AllinOnu_DA.bin, and MT6516_Android_Scatter.txt.In the latter, in addition to the full address of the file system is the description of the firmware.
  3. Select the COM port number and determine its speed.You can safely choose the maximum.
  4. Before flashing should be made formatting, clearing the internal memory of the old files.This can be done by pressing a button Format.
  5. In the new window you should select a memory address.All models are developed on the MT6516 platform, have a memory address 0 × 0 × 200000000 and 100000000.
  6. press the OK button after selecting the desired option, and connect to the unit broaching cable.To format the device is made and the subsequent distortion of the battery grip power button for a few seconds.
  7. successful format must be completed by repeated distortion of the battery, and turn on the device.After clicking the Download button to start flashing process.In this screen you can watch the red band, which will change the purple.Its filling point to the need to disconnect broaching cord and connect the USB-cable.PC will detect the new device, and Android-device appears yellow stripe.Will begin the longest part of the reinsertion process.
  8. After graduation, the user sees a notification indicating a successful installation of the updated software.

Now you know all the necessary programs and devices for self-flash any Chinese Android.

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