How to disable the modem ?

How to disable the modem ?

Modems - is the most advanced and popular means for Internet access.They are attached to a notebook or PC via the USB-ports and can provide uninterrupted access to the network at any point where there is a mobile operator's coverage area.Turn off the modem can be either by themselves by going to your personal page on the Internet, or by visiting the central service office.In any case, it should be free, so if you are to claim the money, then you are dealing with crooks.Thus, we consider several cases and, above all, how to disable the modem megaphone.

Turning off the Internet from Megafon

  • ISP modem first extract it from your computer using safe extraction of USB-system devices.Push the button on the modem icon in the right corner and then the words "remove", which will appear later.Once there the words "equipment can be recovered," you remove the adapter from the USB-port.
  • To disable the Internet connection, established through a modem, it is necessary to block the SIM-card, which is located inside the equipment.Remove the card from the modem.To do this, slide the cover, which is located at the opposite end of the connector.
    • Now take the documents, which were obtained when the SIM purchase and looking into them PIN and PUK codes.Insert the card into your mobile phone and typing the PIN and PUK codes are requested.Then, in order to fully understand how to turn off the modem, follow these steps.
  • dials on a mobile combination * 105 * 00♯, then press the call key until the screen will not have an inscription «Servis-Gid 1-Ustanovit 'parol'».The question is "Respond?", Click "OK", enter 1, and again "OK".We are waiting for a few seconds until you come SMS to the number, which will contain the password for the "Service Guide".
  • Go to the website "MegaFon" and click on the words "Service Guide", which is at the top right corner.You type your username and password, and security code.Usually, the login - this SIM number, which is entered with the country code.Password is - this is a combination of characters that you received in the SMS.Now press "Enter."
  • Click on the icon to the left of "Services and Rates" page, then select "Block number".In the window that opens, enter a date that will be the point from which the card will be blocked.Click "Install".The duration of the lock - 180 days, it can be extended if desired.If you want to unlock, then you have to go to the same partition, and use the SIM again.This service for subscribers of "Megaphone" is free of charge.
  • If you want to disable the service in the office, you must have a passport.

Now look at how to disable the MTS modem.

Disable modem MTS

If you do not need Wi-Fi, it is best to disable the MTS modem.

  • To do this, call the following numbers: * 111 * 2180 * 2♯, if you have a tariff "Unlimited-Mini", dial * 111 * 2188 * 2♯, if you have a tariff "Unlimited-Maxi" dial* 111 * 748 * 2♯, if you have a tariff "Unlimited-VIP".Typing these numbers, you will automatically turn off the service unlimited internet on the sim card, remove from the modem.
  • You can also disable the Internet connection by sending an SMS to number 111 with the following content: 21800 if you have "Unlimited-Mini", 21880, if you have "Unlimited-Maxi", 7480, if you have "Unlimited-VIP".
  • Once you have typed the code or send an SMS, follow the directions informant.You can also disable the modem by going to the official website of MTS and using Internet-assistant services.

Now let's look at how to disable the modem Beeline.

Disable Beeline

modem This is done in the same way as to turn off 3g modem from other operators.

  • First, go to your personal account, which can be created by registering in advance on the official website of Beeline.To find out your password from your personal account, please dial * 110 * 9 # and the message will come to you your personal password.
  • where you can find out what services are connected to your room.This can be done by dialing * 110 * 09♯.For subscribers of Beeline is absolutely free.
  • There is an easier way to turn off the modem Beeline.This is done by computer.Right-mouse click on the tab "My Computer" and select "Properties" the "Hardware", then click "Device Manager" in the open window.
  • Expand in the "Device Manager" the entire list of equipment "Universal Serial Controllers USB bus."From the list, choose the line with a list of your controller Beeline modem.Call the new context menu using the buttons on the panel, and then remove the device.
  • Once you have done all of the above actions, expand the item called "Network Adapters" and look for the network card Beeline modem.Delete it as in the previous step.Then click on the icon "Scan for hardware changes", which is on the top toolbar.
  • Now you need to carefully check all the lists of your USB bus controllers, and NICs.The equipment, which would bear the name of your modem should now be in the computer.If you find shortcuts on the desktop, then after disconnecting the modem, restart the PC.Now the configuration of the system will be fully updated, and all reminders of the past system away.Your modem is not only the disabled, but also completely removed from the system.

Now you know how to disable Internet on the modem, no matter to which the provider belongs to the modem.This can be done, both independently and with the help of free service in official service points ISPs.If you want to connect the modem back, you do not cause any trouble.All activities will be carried out by analogy.For subscribers, connection and disconnection of service is free, so you can not worry about the amount of change in the personal account.