How to Connect WiFi ByFly?

How to Connect WiFi ByFly?

In order for your mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi network "Beltelecom", need to start to get acquainted with the demands made by the company in respect of devices.Thus, the connection to the Wi-Fi will not be possible if the internal or external wireless network adapter is working on a standard other than the 802.11 b.Only after you make sure that you are a holder of the "right" of the mobile device, you understand how to connect WiFi ByFly.

first step

Follow the step by step instructions regarding the connection, you can perform without assistance all the work.So, first you need to configure the network connection, which go in the "My Network Places", by pressing the right mouse button, then find the section "Properties".The screen opens a window "Network Connections".Choose "Wireless Network Connection", open it and find the "Properties" section.After completing such simple steps, you can set up a wireless network adapter.But for this you need to perform a few more commands.

After opening the window "Properties", open the "General" tab.It is necessary to choose "Components ...", and in this section "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)".It should click on the "Properties" button, and then set the following criteria: IP-address and DNS-server.After installation, confirm your action by pressing "OK".

next step is to connect to a wireless network.To do this, on the tab "Wireless Networks" in the left box next to the inscription "Use Windows to configure the network", set a tick.Then go to the "Available Networks", where click on the "Wireless Networks"."Available Networks" is in the same tab, where it was the previous tab (next to it we put a tick).A list of available networks, including "BELTELECOM".Click on the name and on "Connect".In principle, all the work is not difficult the job, especially if you aim to learn how to connect ByFly via WiFi.After these steps, you connect your device to the wireless network of the operator.

second step

alternately completing all the instructions for installing the connection, you need to open a browser.In most cases, users work with Internet Explorer.Because it is on most computers is set as the default browser.Now dial a specific address.As a result, you should open the login page Weblogin with two fields - "ID" and "Password".These fields must be filled with the values ​​of the access card.In the field "ID", enter "xxxxxxxh @ beltel. By", and the password field, the password that is specified on the access card.

third step

The last step is to test the wireless network.When properly executed action after the entrance, opens statistics use the wireless network.In most cases, people who have learned how to connect ByFly via WiFi, do not close before the end of the statistics page on the computer.After all, since they control the amount of traffic sent and downloaded, as well as at any time will be able to see how many of the unused traffic remained until the end of the reporting period.