How to flash a smartphone ?

How to flash a smartphone ?

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How to flash a smartphone?

Every smartphone or tablet that runs on Android, sometimes needs a firmware.To perform this task do not need to go to a repair shop and spend their time and money.Just need to make the effort and do it yourself.But how to flash your smartphone without having to do the necessary skills, will prompt our article.


smartphone for electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones that run on Android, there are special firmware.They can be formal or by custom.These firmware can be installed through ROM Manager application.The program is universal in that it can be used not only for the firmware device, but also to save the system backup.

To use this universal app, you need to get the root-rights through Vroot program, Framaroot, Unlock Root and Kingo Android Root.

need to download the ROM Manager Before starting the firmware.Next you need to start the program and adhere to the recommendations listed below:

  1. downloaded firmware file in zip need to save to your device.
  2. open the program ROM Manager, in the menu, open the section "Install ROM from SD Card".
  3. Next, you need to find a saved firmware file and click on it.
  4. opens a menu where you need to select "Install and restart."If something goes wrong or you just want to in the future to restore the currently existing system, you need to put in front of the item "Save current ROM» tick.
  5. further window opens in which you need to choose "OK."Then the machine will go into Recovery Mode, and then starts running the firmware.

Using universal program ROM Manager, it is possible not only to flash devices, but finding a suitable ROM for your phone or tablet.When you open the menu, you can select "Download Firmware."There are some types of firmware, which you can download only the application version of the best.

may download ROM Manager program will not work.In this case, you can install ClockworkMod."Load Recovery Mode" you can select the section in this appendix.After that, it will be necessary to agree on a loading apparatus in ClockWorkMod Recovery.Next, you must choose to install the zip.After that, you must find the section «choose zip from sdcard».Now in the list on the SD you need to locate and install the required ROM.

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