How to Connect WiFi on Nokia?

How to Connect WiFi on Nokia?

network of hot spots is very large metropolis gaining pace.In today's world of interest to the service based on Wi-Fi with earnings point of view presented in various public places, such as computer clubs, restaurants, airports, libraries, shopping malls.Access to this type of network, there is paid and free, the difference between them as a service and connection speed.In this review, you will learn many useful things, namely, how to connect to wifi nokia.

Using such technologies as Wi-Fi possible:

  • Playing the game, connect, for example, more than one, and more games.
  • to access the computer system.
  • connect to Windows, Linux.
  • Connect to the Internet.
  • Download files.
  • view video and music files.

How to configure wifi on nokia

There are two connection WLAN:

  1. In an open access point (hot spot).
  2. At home or at work.

Each network has its own name.That's right, it is called the SSID.If you have access, in other words, Access Point device (and then call as AP), which is every 10 times a second feeding device signal network.A device that can receive such information is in principle possible to connect (safety on).

Join a public hotspot using Nokia is not difficult.Take advantage of a built-in or add-on program.In order to verify or you have Wi-Fi, suitable connection manager, under "Available WLAN┬╗ which shows the results online, and protected points are shown with a padlock icons.

In general, it is not so difficult: AP caught the phone signal, then brought to the screen, the name of the network, making the choice, then you can use the internet, as long as when the AP administrator did confusion configurations.

If hotspot for an extra charge, when you try to join you will be prompted to enter the password that you want to find out from the Internet host.Naturally, if it is not administered, the internet connection will not be.

With the Nokia, there are three ways to see the network:

  1. Connect to the WLAN settings.This connection setup, the symbol will be displayed, where the four squares will be.Sometimes, to see what network and what its name, is possible with the second method.
  2. go in the menu and search for Connection Manager, where the WLAN entrance.There will be seen what the network, signal strength, security, speed.
  3. When entering a network is given by the use of an access point.The menu is a WLAN search, choosing, have access to the networks list.

When the network is in frequent use it to engage in the search and input the security key is not necessary.WLAN network is added in a conventional access point.

Given that the wireless network, in this case, using radio waves.Different devices operating close to a variety of networks, allows a range consisting of 11 channels.These channels are where the AP performs the work may be changed.Channels used do not affect the network, everything is automatic.There are two observations:

  • Networks that are on the adjacent channel, sometimes making noise.
  • Different devices have different sensitivities, which is determined by the quality of work.Typically, devices receiving the signal, set to work on the sixth channel, that is, on average.N this, the first and the eleventh bit worse quality work network.

To turn on / off WiFi quickly and easily, we recommend you to download the program from ConnectivityShortcuts Market.

Also Wifi programa this switch to Airplane mode and Bluetooth.

We hope that helped you set up wifi for nokia phone.

Enjoy using wireless Internet!