How to flash the phone ?

How to flash the phone ?

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How to flash your phone?

For many the question arises as to flash the phone, so it works fast, does not hang to it stood the most recentsoftware, and there was no error.In this article, we give only general recommendations on how to flash your phone.General - because it has its own program and methods of firmware for each brand of phones.We give only those that are suitable for most makes and models of smartphones.

update "over the airĀ»

To update the official version of the software on the phone you are using, you can use mobile internet or connecting to wireless networks.This so-called auto-update OTA (Over-the-Air) update, or "air."It connects to your device's Settings:

  • For iOS: Settings - General - Software Update;
  • For Android: Settings - System - Device - Software Upgrade.

firmware to Android

order to flash any device on Android, you first will need to get so-called Root-law.Root-rights make it possible to manage completely any operations and processes on a device with Android.There are some very important "but": the unauthorized acquisition of Root-rights you lose the warranty on the device, you lose the opportunity to receive regular automatic updates from the manufacturer and can break your device at the most unfavorable outcome.

Among the most popular tools for rutirovaniya can call the program Framaroot.To rutirovat with the help of your device:

  1. Download and install the program on your device.
  2. If your device is able to operate correctly with this program, Framaroot offer you several actions, among which there is an option to install root.
  3. The method selection menu obtaining Root-rights alternately try each of the methods.As a result, one of them should work.
  4. rutirovaniya At the end of the program will process a message that Root-established rights.

After receiving Root-rights you will need to charge the device and perform a data backup device to avoid losing important information for you.Only after all these steps, you can proceed directly to the device firmware.

All devices with the Android operating system have a recovery mode or rekaveri (Recovery), which allows you to reset all device parameters to the factory.However, with the help of a special program ClockworkMod Recovery, you can replace the factory recovery to any other depending on the loaded firmware you.To flash a phone with this program, you need:

Download the firmware file to the memory card (available on 4pda forum) of your device.

  1. Download and install ROM Manager program.
  2. from this program to install ClockworkMod Recovery (CMR).
  3. View program ROM Manager and select "Upload Recovery mode."
  4. In this mode, CMR program select Advanced.
  5. Select command install zip from external sdcard and set the path to the firmware file.
  6. Press Yes.

After the process go back (Go Back) and reboot the system (Reboot system now).

firmware on iOS

Smartphones from Apple also have a mode of operation Recovery, however, install the new firmware on the way they can not be described.

the iPhone, you can either update "over the air", or reset back to factory settings with Recovery Mode via iTunes.

  1. Download the required firmware version (for example, here), and iTunes on your computer.
  2. Connect the device to your computer.
  3. Install and run iTunes and locate the program in your device.
  4. Hold down the Shift key (on Mac - Alt) and click Restore iPhone.
  5. Select the firmware file and click Open.
  6. restore process begins.

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