How to choose a car seat ?

How to choose a car seat ?

If suddenly happens a traffic accident, the car seat provides the maximum degree of protection of the child, as opposed to the mother's arms.By law, children must be transported in special car seats up to 12 years.Therefore, every loving parent, having a car, want to buy your child the most comfortable and safe car seat.Sometimes you have to choose the right thing, as the market of children's goods are now large enough.In addition, the choice of seat depends on how much your child weighs.How to choose a car seat, you will understand after reading our recommendations.

types of child car seats

So, you face the question of how to choose a car seat.Where to begin?First you need to decide which group chair is suitable for your child.All child seats are distributed into groups based on the weight of the baby.

  1. «0» - for babies weighing up to 9 kg (located on the front and back of the car against the traffic stroke);
  2. «0+» - for children up to 13 kg (located only a chair against a course of movement of the machine);
  3. «0-1» - for children up to 18 kg (installed in the rear seat of the car);
  4. «1» - for children from 9 to 18 kg (location and direction of the car, and against him);
  5. «1-2» - for children from 9 to 25 kg (located just a chair in the course of movement of the machine or on the front or the back seat of the car);
  6. «1-2-3» - for children from 9 to 36 kg (located ahead of the vehicle).

Thus, based on the weight of your child, you can find the right type of car seat.But there are several points to consider when buying a car seat.

purchase car seats for newborn

You only that the baby was born?You do not know how to choose a car seat for a newborn?Choosing a car seat for the baby, based on how much time he will spend in it.

Babies up to 6 months, you need to carry in a horizontal position, that there is no load on the spine is weak.If the baby will endure long trips, choose seats Group 0 (or groups 0/0 + with the function of the horizontal position) to carry the baby lying.Generally it is best to refrain from long trips with a child up to 6 months.If the trip time is 1.5-2 hours, then it is better to use a car seat group 0+ ( "carry") for infants, they are the safest.

sure to remember that up to the year child should ride facing upstream movement of the machine.If the child will be in a position facing forward, in the event of sudden braking, it can get injured cervical spine.For young children who sleep during the trip, there are car seats that can be transformed into two positions (sitting or lying).There are models that have built-in headphones.In addition, almost all the seats of the "0" is a great handle.

main recommendations when buying a car seat

Let's say you have decided on the type of car seat.Now we will look at the main points of how to choose a car seat for the baby:

  1. In Russia there are two types of attachment - the conventional car seat belt and krepelenie using the IsoFix system.The system IsoFix seat is attached to a special "anchors", which is an integral part of the machine, but such attachment is only on some machines and only in some children's car seats.
  2. Before buying a car seat, give the child to sit in it.Also note whether the car seat is suitable for your car, especially if you seat belt length will suffice.It is also important that the child can not undo the self-locking.
  3. If you decide how to choose the right car seat, be sure to ask, what is made of upholstery chair and removed if it for washing.
  4. In no case do not buy a cheap car seat.Savings can fail in situations where only save money.
  5. not recommended to buy second-hand chairs, as even the lightest accident able to bend the seat frame, and when buying from strangers, such moments are usually silent.
  6. Some want to buy a universal car seat, suitable to several groups, but better uzkospetsializrovannoe chair.Universal car seats have a number of drawbacks for each age group.When using these car seats do not always take into account the physiological changes that occur in the body of the child during its growth, especially in the spinal structure.
  7. Note that in the car seat has side protection that can protect the baby's head from excessive and sudden loads.When fixing the child seat against the stroke movement of the machine on the front seat of the vehicle, disconnect the airbag.
  8. sure to check the seat certification that you have decided to buy.Find a seat on the body tag with the mark of ECE R44 / 03 or ECE R44 / 04, which means that the model has passed all the tests in Europe and complies with safety standards.