How to unlock your phone if forgotten graphical password?

How to unlock your phone if forgotten graphical password?

Almost every person on the phone there is information that is not intended for prying eyes.Until recently, reliably protect her was quite problematic.But with the advent of the graphical password has changed.Tell us about this kind of password details.

What is a graphical password

graphical password - a certain pattern, which is set by the user as a password lock on your phone.That is, in order to unlock the screen and enter the main menu, you must draw on the screen a certain figure, which was previously set as the password.Ability to use a graphical key today is present in every Android owner.

To configure the pattern, you need to get from the main menu to select Settings, and choose Lock Screen.Then select Pattern and twice introduce a selected pattern.

But if you configure a graphical password easy enough to remember it much more difficult, especially if the password has been chosen and set some complex pattern.And here already there is a problem, because even the true owner of the device can not use it to the fullest.To learn how to unlock the phones of different brands, learn unlock code mobile operator and unlock the SIM card, you will learn from our article How to unlock the phone.And below, we'll show you how to unlock the phone if the owner forgot password graphics.From the options presented, everyone can choose the one that seems to him most convenient.

How to unlock the phone if you forget your password graphic

Unlock the screen, a graphical password protected, can be five ways:

  1. If you have an account with Google, to unlock the phone is simple.With several incorrect password attempts, you will be prompted to enter the password, and the name of your profile.After commissioning, the device will be unlocked within a couple of minutes.
  2. can call on a locked phone, take the call and at the same time go to the menu and then just disable the graphical key.
  3. should be as fast as possible to defuse the gadget's battery.And at a time when it will issue a warning that the battery is low, you should click the "Settings" and, again, the security settings to disable the graphical password.
  4. take advantage of this method is possible only in the event that the phone pre-installed application «SMS Bypass».In order to unlock the gadget, you need to send an SMS from any phone with text 1234 reset.After receiving the message, the phone will automatically restart, and to unlock it enter any key will suffice.
  5. This option is critical.Resort to it is only in that case, if you can not unlock your phone in other ways.All that is needed - it is simply to reset all settings.Along with them will be removed and all data from the phone.Every phone brand, this operation is carried out in different ways.But how to implement it, you can come out of the phone.