How to choose a car ?

How to choose a car ?

Long gone are the days when the car sounded only one broadcast ... Now more and more people prefer car radios instead.The fact is that even if you have a radio, practically nothing but endless radio and advertising you will not hear.And acquiring car, you'll do yourself a DJ.That is, you can not only listen to your favorite music, and interesting programs, or even to learn foreign languages.But the choice of car - it's not so simple.Nowadays, a lot of different models with different features are presented for our review.But how to choose a car, not to sell too cheap to buy and do exactly what we need?After all, every month we see a new model with additional qualities.We hope that our article will help you to buy "his" version and were satisfied more than one year.

It is worth noting that you can not buy a cheap car, so that it meets all the standards.It is necessary to choose: either to buy a "full ground meat" or a modest and affordable model.These models, which are not so much "hit on your wallet", and may appear the same in terms of functionality, yet their quality is much worse, and they usually are easily damaged.

How to choose a radio, given

play format most common - a car «CD», they read the most common formats and discs.But, if you have the MP3 format, it will not read them - it is very uncomfortable in our time, when basically all the music swings from the Internet and its format is MP3.So choose the right car that reads this format.And yet it's worth noting that if you record music in MP3 format, the disc medium fit her much more than a CD disc format.

If you often are in your car, you "kill two birds with one stone" by buying car reading DVD format.Typically, such car has a small display on which you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows.Also in the kit can include remote control for convenience.But this player has a number of drawbacks:

  • fragile, when he is not strong shock may break,
  • with shocks that often accompany any ride, the picture pretty spoiled and unpleasant to look at, so wondering: what car to choose, you should consideron the state of the roads on which you drive.

And even if there is anti-shock components in the player, it is still the image will "ride".Another possibility to buy car, which will read your information not only drives but also from a flash drive.It is very convenient as it drives require a lot of space in your glove compartment.What radio

choose, given the parameters of power

It is important to take into account the power of radio.If it is powerful, the sound will be stronger.There are several parameters Power Unit.The maximum value, the power to issue, reproduces the sound quality of a second.This shows the power of the device the ability to withstand and transmit sound, if there is a difference of sound.Optimal Power (4x50 watts).This shows the power quality of the sound when listening.This is a very important parameter for any car, as is usually the driver listens to her more than one hour.And when you think, how to choose a tape recorder and affordable in price and function, be sure to consider this option.

All more or less modern car radios have the advantage - it is the possibility of joining it with ISO-connector.This greatly facilitates the installation of car in the car - you simply connect the connectors.But if you do not have this device, you will still be better to buy it, otherwise you'll have to solder the connections themselves.

There is still the possibility of acceding to the radio additional components: a crossover, stereo amplifier, CD changer and others.Therefore, make emphasis on additional connections.They must be present.And there should be at least three pairs of line outputs.This will allow you to connect a subwoofer.Also check whether there is a connector comprising the connection of an external antenna.It is also needed for a complete set of your car.

Select tuner

Note the presence of FM / AM-tuner.Pay attention to the range of your tuner.The most advantageous and convenient range is from 75 to 150 Hz.And what will be the sound quality (presence or absence of noise), will depend on the sensitivity of the tuner.Sensitivity is required to be regulated and not more than one microvolt.Thus, it should be as stereo and mono sound.There are some devices that are finding their own wave, you just memorize them by hand, it is very convenient.So, if you bought a car, and it has RDS, this function can display information transmitted together with the wave (you can see the time, the temperature of the track that is playing at the moment).

sound on your device is adjusted equalizer.Usually it is a three-band, the equalizer adjusts only three kinds of frequencies: low, medium and high.But if you prefer a more pleasant sound, it is possible to buy a car with an equalizer seven lanes.With them, you set up the sound as you like, whether it is in the style of pop, or rock, it all depends on your desire.Also look for a car that is a fiction of loudness, while quality sound is bass.

sure to make no mistake with the size, as the car have different dimensions.Be sure to measure their own, and only with this yardstick were set into the store.

cherish theft

It is also important to protect your equipment against theft.In addition to the guarantee insurance and car alarm, you can also another way to protect your car.If you bought a car with removable panel, it is, of course, vulnerable.And the thief, breaking a window or door open, can pick up your technique.But now produced car with a security code, which is a must to enter.More expensive items work with magnetic cards.There are car-blende.They flipped (panel) and so the thieves think your car is no car at all.Some options Unit can be trite to take with them.

Ease of use

Choose an option with convenient buttons.Since, if the buttons are small enough, then it is unlikely to be comfortable.So, pay attention to the car radio control panel, you should be comfortable, color also should be suitable for your interior.More important was that the plastic quality.Take a new car is better, with a guarantee, as already previously used can quickly break down, and no one you will not want it to change.

you need a cassette player in the car?How to choose?We hope that all the above written answer to this question!We wish you a good tailwind in the choice of car! Remember that might not only will you be to use it, so consider this when choosing.