How to flash Samsung Ace?

How to flash Samsung Ace?

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How to flash Samsung Ace?

company Samsung produces many smartphones, including both top models and more affordable device with a fairly good technical characteristics.Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Ace belongs to the budget segment, it is able to handle many different tasks such as viewing multimedia content, working with various documents and e-mail, as well as the launch of many modern games.

entire line of Galaxy smartphones running the Android operating system.To find out the firmware Samsung, should dial the numeric keypad * # 0000 #.If the software version on your phone below the date, then it is necessary to upgrade the OS.The easiest way to do it "in the air", without using a PC and third-party software.

How to flash Samsung Ace in the air?

  1. To begin with, charge your smartphone for at least 80%;
  2. now connect it to a high-speed Wi-Fi network;
  3. Create a backup of all your important data, and synchronize your phone with your Google Account;
  4. devaysa Go to settings and select "About device";
  5. After that, go to the "Software Update" and start downloading the firmware;
  6. After the firmware download and install, you can use your smartphone again.

How to flash Samsung Ace through Odin?

  1. Download and extract to disk «C:» archive with Odin program;
  2. also download and unpack in the root directory «C:» firmware for Samsung Ace;
  3. Now you need to download and install the drivers on your smartphone;
  4. Next, connect to a PC Samsung Galaxy Ace and wait for the activation of the driver;
  5. Launch Odin program as an administrator;
  6. The CSC fields, PHONE, PDA, BOOTLOADER select the appropriate files from the unpacked firmware;
  7. Remove the battery from your smartphone;
  8. Reconnect the USB cable to the computer;
  9. Now simultaneously hold down both volume buttons and the power button;
  10. After the download smartphone, press the button in Odin program «Start»;
  11. Wait for the completion of the firmware and put the battery back.