How to choose a car charger ?

How to choose a car charger ?

One of the versatile and useful for a workshop or garage thing is the car charger.It has a number of useful features.For example, it can be used to charge the battery or start the car.Each car charger has its own size and shape.They may be small and light, or a large and weighty.And if the first suit to charge the battery quickly in an unexpected situation, the latter are usually located on wheels and are mainly used in the workshops and those centers.

Of course, you may ask - why on battery needs charging, if there is a generator?The question is quite reasonable, but you need to know that connecting to the onboard network of an additional burden, we forget one thing - when the generator and charging, can not cope, then the extra energy is immediately taken with the battery, leading to its gradual discharge.That's where you come in handy charger for ABK.How to choose the right battery charger - this will be discussed in our article.

Types chargers

recommend to first become familiar with their types.

  • charge-anticipatory - carries the charge and recharge the battery.Is allowed to be connected to the battery terminals, and without disconnecting from the vehicle, which is important for vehicles with automatic transmission.
  • Charger-starting device operates in two modes - automatic charge, as well as giving the maximum current in the starting mode.True, we should warn against the connection without material removal from the battery terminals, as this can lead to the fact that all the electronics of your car will burn.

Choosing a battery charger together to consider all the smallest details and do not buy a pig in a poke.It is important to remember that it is better to buy domestic products, rather than to support the counterfeit market.The difference you will see.

choosing a charger, cover a small supply current to charge was not working at the limit.We recommend staying on the automatic memory, which will provide a combined charge.Choosing a display method, be guided by your taste and budget.For example, discrete cheaper, although its accuracy is less, but consumers should be enough.But the instrument display will already be more expensive, and, accordingly, it would be more accurate.

tips when choosing

devices Which charger select auto shop?Consider a few important points, which we describe below.

first.Car battery very much, and chargers for them much less.To start, determine the exact type of battery - Dry-charged or filled, gelievokletchaty or lead-acid, and so on.Second.Look at the amount of the electric battery, which determines the amount of current that the battery gives for some time.And starting from this, you can choose the desired charging power.How to choose a car charger, on the basis of these parameters?

Assume that you have an empty battery to 50 ampere hours, which means that you can take the charger ten amperes.With it, you will be able to fully charge the battery for six hours.This same charge in the 10 amp charge the battery to 100 ampere-hours, but for eleven hours.To find out how many hours will charge the battery, use a simple circuit calculation: divide the capacity of the battery on the charger power, add to the result of ten percent.

third.Select the most suitable type of memory operation: battery charger can be powered from the cigarette lighter, the network, from the solar battery.Last you can take and is, in fact connect them will not have to, but they do not charge very quickly.

From cigarette lighter charger recharges quickly, some even have a regulator, however, these devices must be controlled, otherwise they will recharge the battery.A very simple to use and easy to handle - a network memory.However, to connect them necessarily need a socket at hand.

fourth.Recently, there are car chargers, which allow to control the charging of the battery and test the charging level.In these cases, a special indicator is very convenient.

Use memory correctly

We are told in detail how to select the memory, but you also need to know more about some important details.For example, what if it is wrong to use the exercises, you can cause damage to the battery.Therefore, read the battery characteristics, and be sure to read the instructions in the memory.It can be said that the battery can not be charged in areas where there is no ventilation, as well as close to the subjects, fearful acid, etc.

Select charging for the car and remember to watch out for a period of work and life of the battery, because the models wear can occur and dressed harmful vapors.Now you know how to choose the right charger.It remains only to wish a successful purchase.