How to choose a car compressor?

How to choose a car compressor?

ponder the question whether or not the car he needs a compressor, where to buy the device, and how exactly to choose, the owner of the iron horse should take into account a number of factors.In particular, membrane compressors are considered obsolete today, so it is recommended to give preference to the compressor piston.Below is how to select the compressor for the car, we will tell you more.


selection When selecting a compressor should not focus only on the wheel swap time, even if it is the main function of the device.In practice, no less important feature is the comfort of the compressor of its application, in particular - the ability to turn off automatically when the pump wheel to the required pressure.Also appreciated the accuracy of inflation and "skill" of the compressor pressure to report on progress to the owner.Helping car owner to choose the compressor, the consultant will certainly point to its equipped with a digital pressure gauge, which is much more precise pointer.Complete with a good avtokompressorom sold, as a rule, additional tools, including a flashlight.

Perhaps the main advantage of the piston avtokompressora - its power.For this characteristic vibration type compressor is significantly inferior to the piston.Thus, only the piston unit is suitable for inflating tires of considerable size.Reliably working piston compressor is able to create a pressure of 8 bar.Electronics such a compressor allows its continuous operation for 20 minutes, while the standard tire pumping require a maximum of 4 minutes.Compressors latest generation low noise, its vibration is almost not felt.

Electronic gauge

Two words about the advantages of an electronic pressure gauge.It is not only superior to the analog accuracy, but also equipped with a special system of "auto-stop", when the owner of the machine is programmed to display the required level of pressure avtokompressor pumps to the set level of the wheel and off independently.Thus, from the heavy and dirty work inflating the wheel turns in a simple and easy exercise that does not require constant human presence and not dependent on ambient conditions.Whatever the weather, the car owner need only specify the desired level of pressure, after which he can easily climb into the car, because at the end of operation, the device switches off itself.Often, going to buy a compressor, car fan opted for unit PH 20-12, since it is equipped with built-in flashlight filter.In the event of an accident such lamp signals the red light incident.

As you can see, today's manufacturers of automobile compressors are actively using the latest invention of the electronics world.Now not to the point later, the wheel will not turn to you in an unsolvable problem, fix it today, you can simply and easily, without difficulty while achieving the required pressure in the tire.

avtokompressora main components - the piston, cylinder, an electric motor and a pressure gauge.Widespread acquired a piston type compressor is today, because the membrane unit are often unable to provide the necessary pumping speed and the maximum pressure in the tire.Particularly unreliable diaphragm compressor in the winter, when the low temperature membrane loses its elasticity and the compressor is simply unable to get started.


car compressor would seem that the same piston compressors are really essential design features.How to choose a car compressor?The greatest reliability and durability of the compressor provides, in which a metal piston rod mounted directly on the motor shaft.There are options when the connecting rod is connected to the shaft through the plastic adapter and the hub.Such a device would be less reliable in operation, its operation time is limited.Also, ask when buying a ring mounted on the piston compressor, normal or Teflon.The latter will ensure your compressor more long-lasting and does not require replacement during the operation term.


In a modern car tire pressure is maintained between about 1.8 to 3 kg / cm2.Accordingly, choosing avtokompressor, special attention should be paid to its performance taking into account the characteristics of the tires of your iron horse.For example, if the performance of the compressor is in the range of 30-40 liters per minute, it can easily cope with the bus not only domestic vehicles, but also bulky SUV, except that the pumping wheel of the jeep will take more time.Good to know that avtokompressor output of 45 liters per minute is not connected via standard cigarette lighter socket and by connecting clamps directly to the battery terminals.It can not be considered a disadvantage, a compressor is a power consumes much more electricity, and connect it through the car's wiring just dangerous, it can cause a fire.The best models of compressors have a very useful feature automatic shutdown in case of overheating of the body.

Additionally, the compressor kit can include such a useful thing as long twisted hose with a pressure gauge.With this compressor can be mounted stationary, which creates a more comfortable working environment.As a rule, the product provides a convenient bag to store it, and a set of additional attachments that extends the use of the unit.