Why not see the sim card ?

Why not see the sim card ?

often ceases to see phone sim card.The reasons for this may be several.Let's dwell on that, why not see the sim card machine running on Android or iOS.

Poor contact with sim card slot

Pick up the phone and remove its cap.Then check the location of the SIM card in the slot.Perhaps she was a little moved, or, conversely, do not fully entered the cell.All this results in poor contact with the SIM card slot.Install it correctly.If you notice that the sim card is simply bad contact with the slot contacts, try to put a small piece of paper folded several times.It needs to be put between Simcoe and the cover (battery - it all depends on the model).After that, the contact between the parts to be restored, and the SIM card will start to function again.

Pollution on the sim card slot and

SIM card may not work due to the impurities present on the contacts.It is important to remove them.To do this, pick the phone and remove the sim card.Carefully inspect it for dirt.Finding them, delete.The best thing to do is flannel cloth or an ordinary eraser.Do not wipe the contacts on the sim card wipes, they are easily damaged.Next, inspect the slot intended for mounting a SIM card.It contamination may be present, too.Finding them, be sure to remove.Then install the sim card into the slot and check for availability.

Deformation sim card

SIM card is deformed during prolonged use.This may be the reason that it does not see phone.To make sure that the problem lies precisely in this, you need to pull out the SIM card.Look at her side with the contacts, it can be convex.If it is, then slightly to bend it so that it becomes more flat.Then place it back into the slot and turn the machine on.If after that it will not work, it will need to produce its replacement by a new one.Please contact the service center of your mobile operator.

It is also possible that your SIM card has been blocked due to negative balance, and she came out the expiration date - it's time to replace a new one.Put another sim card in the phone - even if it does not recognize it, then the reason lies in the device itself: physical damage, contact oxidation.In this case, the phone will have to take to a service center.

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