How to flash Nokia 5230 ?

How to flash Nokia 5230 ?

As a rule, the idea of ​​how to flash the Nokia 5230, there is a user of the phone model to replace the installed firmware if you want a different, faster.Thus, the need for flashing JAF 1.98.62 program, as well as addition JAF 2.0TEST, mounted on top of the firmware.In addition, the necessary firmware files, a fully charged smartphone and a USB-cable.It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that we should format the memory card, as well as to disable antivirus and delete all from the PC program from this particular phone model only exceptions are Nokia Flash Cable Driver and Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver drivers before the firmware.If these drivers are not available, they must be set.After downloading the firmware file should be unpacked in the following folder: C: \ ProgramFiles \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \ RM-588.Once everything is ready, you can proceed directly to the most piercing phone.

flash Nokia 5230

You must first turn off your phone, then remove the battery, and then insert into place again.It should be noted that the smartphone can not contain myself!

Connect smartphone

Now, connect your phone to a PC via USB-cable, and open the Task Manager.Then you need to hold down the power key on just 2-3 seconds, but no longer!It is important that the phone is not involved.While pressing the button in the Task Manager should first appear and then disappear a new device.Such an operation is "recognition" should be repeated at least 5 or 6 times.Then restart your computer.


Then you need to click on the icon labeled Start JAF and run the program.Also, it can be done on behalf of the Administrator through cmd.On computers with Windows 7, it should perform only in compatibility mode for XP.Further, the simulation window will need to turn on the box that says Random PKEY ThomasSN, then click on the Start button and go to the BB5 tab.There will need to put a checkmark in the following lines: Dead USB, Manual Flash and Factory Set.It will also remove the check mark from the CRT 308 lines need to, and then click Use INI.

Select the model and firmware

A few seconds after the manipulation of the above window will appear, which will need to choose a model sewn smartphone.If the list of devices you can not find the Nokia 5230, will require an additional download to your computer a file called jaf_nok4models.ini, and then copy it to the C: \ ProgramFiles \ ODEON \ JAF.Then, after that you need your phone model is selected, you need to click the mouse on a dark green mug with the inscription MCU, and then select the firmware file with the extension * C00.Sometimes the computer can not see it, in this case, * C00 is recommended to rename the * C0R.Now you need to click on the icon labeled PPM and in the same way to specify a file * V20.There should be two lights illuminate bright green color.This means that it will be possible to proceed with the direct phone firmware.Before you flash the Nokia 5230, you should once again make sure that the phone is properly connected to the computer and the power cord does not pull out at the most inopportune moment.

sews smartphone

to start flashing process, press the button FLASH, then select Yes, and immediately afterwards there JAF'a information window.It will appear the following lines: "Init usb-communication ... Searching for phone ...".Immediately after their arrival would be necessary to hold down the button for 2-3 seconds turn on the phone.It is impossible in any case to interrupt the process of phone firmware, as well as prohibited to disconnect the cable or turn off the smartphone itself as long as there inscription DONE!DONE !.The phone will reboot themselves.Now we have figured out how to flash the phone Nokia 5230. Yet it should be noted that there are cases when the smartphone firmware process may be interrupted at the main stage.It can happen for various reasons - broken computer or a power failure.These cases can easily lead to further phone inoperable.Then its function can be restored only by the Phoenix.Nevertheless, it is desirable to try to avoid possible trouble.

Hacking firmware

If you are interested in how to hack the Nokia 5230, then it will be enough just to find the appropriate firmware on the Internet, which is unlocked access to the memory ROM.To solve this problem and without flash, but then you will need to obtain a certificate for signing applications.