How to choose a car alarm ?

How to choose a car alarm ?

Today, the car is in almost every family.With the expansion of the domestic automobile market, went on sale a lot of additional equipment, among which is one of the most important seats for alarms.Security systems installed in the mid-range cars and business class cars.Owners of inexpensive used cars costing elementary alarms that do not have any additional functions.And hardly will be able to protect the car against theft.By the way, cheap cars, and will not steal experts, well versed in the signaling, so expensive does not make sense to install the system on such cars.The question of how to choose a car alarm is a high priority, following the acquisition of expensive foreign cars.Try to understand what can be bought in specialized stores by type and cost of the car alarm.


alarms All alarms that offer the modern consumer, it can be classified into several types:

  • signal;
  • anti-theft;
  • security;
  • search;
  • service.

most interesting is that the most vulnerable, according to their quality characteristics, are anti-theft systems, but among them there are those who can resist the experienced hijackers.The whole essence of the possibility to resist hijacking is that in such systems use a signal directed to the central unit, thanks to a key ring.To intercept the signal and its code can be considered a specialist who even slightly versed in specialized software.Today, manufacturers of car alarms will improve their products.Therefore, more and more features of the system with a conversational manner of data exchange.The essence of such a system lies in the fact that the central control panel with key fob supplied several messages, which prevents cracking system.The most demanding those responsible systems that are equipped with a safety mechanism is realized by time synchronization.The cost of car alarms is high enough, but it pays off, because your car will be the most difficult to hijack.

alarm and lock

If you are interested in information, select any car alarm for your car, check the technical characteristics of the immobilizer - a device that prevents unauthorized starting of the car engine.Immobilizers can be divided into two groups - the contact and contactless.The first type is less convenient to use, but provides greater safety car.Standard immobilizers installed on almost all modern cars, but these devices are not the best option to equip a good car.

Regarding the lock, this device is not too popular among motorists, but at the same time, its ability to resist hijacking the car, are quite high.Blocker - an electromechanical security system that is best installed on the hood of the car, in fact it is of interest to hackers trying to get to the engine.

Prices for car alarm

By and large, if you bought a car more expensive than 20 thousand USD, it makes sense to equip its road security system, which is equipped with GSM controller.The essence of this function is that you have a mobile phone receives a message about unauthorized access to the vehicle.Unfortunately, bollards steering and gearshift lock can not protect the car against theft, except in cases where theft is carried out is not a specialist.In case of theft, GSM helps to track the car, the place of its movement, and, of course, turns out to be useful in the search.These alarms are to the elite class.

Alarms mid-market installed on the machine, worth more than 7000 USDand below USD 20,000Using different buttons when arming and disarming it, allows you to increase the safety of the machine.When buying a car in this price range you get a complete set immobilizer, which is best to change the car alarm of higher quality.Save on security systems are not recommended because as a result of car theft, you will lose a lot more than the cost of the system itself.

Car alarm with auto

If you are interested in the question of how to choose a car alarm with auto start, pay attention to the brand of such systems, as well as on the type of engine of your car - petrol or diesel.The most expensive car alarm auto-allow you to connect additional systems that increase safety car.The fact that their technical data, the car alarm is more intended for the startup of the machine, but to ensure its security.Although, of course, how to choose a car alarm with auto start, you should familiarize yourself with all the features of a particular model.

acceptable model of car alarms are auto-Dialog from "Starline", the DXL series of "Pandora" and Magicar of "Sher Khan", but in most modern interpretations.These systems protect against unauthorized recording of an additional set of remote controls have programmable control of the central lock system, advanced features for connecting additional devices and systems, as well as other functions.Now that you know how to choose a car alarm for your "iron horse", so he was safe.