Why not charge the phone ?

Why not charge the phone ?

If after you put the phone on charge, you see that the phone is not charging, so you need to find the reason why the phone refused to charge, and fix it.

Check for fault

first reason why not charge the phone, it may be a faulty battery charger, which can be damaged in places twisting or bending cable.Solution: borrow or buy the charger from the same phone model, as you have, and set your phone to charge.

known that in some models of the same phone connector for the charger.But do not use chargers from any other phone as "charge" can be applied to different contacts in your phone, or almost similar charger has a different voltage.This can negatively affect your phone, in the worst case can even disable it.

So, if the phone is charging, it means that the problem was a fault in the old charger.Now it will be necessary to repair the "charging" or buy a new charger.For information on how to repair the charger, it is written here.

Check for contact

If, by inserting the charger into the socket, you will see on the phone's screen, which charge the phone goes, it disappears, then the cause of the fault in the connector.The solution: move the plug in different directions to find touch, or if the contact is found, contact the experts to replace the connector on your phone.

Checking phone battery

phone is not charging, what to do, you do not know.Try to check the battery.The battery can be inflated or exhausted its battery capabilities.Solution: Remove the battery from the phone, gently wipe the battery contacts, insert the phone and check for charging.If, after such manipulations phone is not charging, it is necessary to replace the battery.

phone Check

If your phone's screen shows that the unit is charging, the charger is connected, but after being fully charged and the extraction of the charger the phone very quickly discharged charging or not enough even for a challenge, then the fault is in your phone.The reason that the phone stops working, can be moisture in the phone contacts, permanent drop your phone and more.Solution: call for service to the specialists were able to accurately investigate the cause phone malfunction and repair it.Now you know why the phone is not being charged and what to do.