How to flash Nokia 6300 ?

How to flash Nokia 6300 ?

Every now there is a cell phone, because our existence can not be imagined without it.But there are moments when you have bought the phone, it works, but over time or at once, you see it in a variety of shortcomings in terms of software.Quite often, this happens with the Nokia 6300, but it can be corrected with the help of this phone firmware.

So, you have a Nokia 6300, a flash it you do not know.Then we'll help you.First of all, understand for yourself that any phone firmware - update is part of its program as updating drivers on your graphics card, only for the phone.Who is explained in more detail about how to flash the phone Nokia 6300.

Firmware Nokia 6300

this model phone for firmware, you will need:

  • cord that was included in your telephone;
  • special program (most often used Phoenix Service Software).
  • And in fact, you need the firmware or the installer itself.Remember that you can not flash your phone to a lower firmware version, only the new one.To check the firmware of your phone, enter the combination * # 0000 #.

After these preparations, we proceed to the installation of all related programs for flashing Nokia 6300. Set that comes with Phoenix Service Software, utility Diego.All opening windows, click "Continue".Next, set the desired "crack» (crack phoenix service) and all additional software installation is completed.Next, start the phone firmware.From now on you will learn how to flash the Nokia 6300. Start the Service Software Phoenix, get to the menu «add» and add a new user.So, how do you use the connection via USB, select it in the settings.Connect the cable to the phone (remember that the phone must be charged and the computer should detect it).

include «Scan Product» option in the program Phoenix Service Software.After that, your phone scans for the presence of the firmware will take place, then after selecting a new firmware appears in the list, pressing on the «start» and wait for about 10 minutes.During the installation of the new firmware, your phone will be repeatedly turned on and off, go into test mode, but eventually it will turn on and you will have the updated firmware to your Nokia 6300. Here are links for you on a detailed manual on how to select andcarry out any firmware phone company Nokia:

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