How to choose a radar detector ?

How to choose a radar detector ?

Each of the drivers have repeatedly faced with traffic police, armed with the most new and effective "bells and whistles".It is now on the radar, yes, all seen them and know what they are for: roughly speaking, they measure the speed of moving vehicles.

But each has his own sword shield, right?We go over the terminology, so as not to cause errors when choosing a car radar detector, it is important.

Radar Detector - a device designed to detect radar signals and alert the driver of their presence.Accordingly, the presence of traffic police, waiting for you ahead.This is in no way prohibited by law, as it does not constitute a hazard and does not infringe someone else's rights.

It is often confused with the speed trap warning.This is the device really is prohibited, since it detects the radar starts to generate frequency interference to knock down the radar to sense / disable / nesusvetnye give readings / nothing at all to show.But we must understand that it can be characterized as a kind of terrorism, and this is not good.In addition, generate waves dangerous for driver health and others, though not much, but we really need to feel the barrel to his temple to feel the danger?We are wise, we put aside thoughts of radar detectors.

We need to choose a car radar detector.How to choose a radar detector?More precisely, radar detector, but okay, SOCA terminology in favor of convenience.Review the requirements for radar detectors.

Work radar GAI

The vast majority of the traffic police radars operate in the range of K (or "sight"), but there are also devices using rare range X. Therefore, we just need to find a list of modes of existing detectors, the list below:

  • Ultra-K detector can detect the pulse mode To
  • detector the Ultra-X - the impulse X
  • Instant-On - detective pulsed radar / short-X mode.

From here you can make some conclusions in order to choose the right radar detector.Our device should reflect the following functions:

  • possible to determine absolutely all ranges GAI radar;
  • diameter of the active detection space;
  • ratio of real and false signals (less - better);
  • speed analysis of the data;
  • reliability of results;
  • workmanship.

On this basis, our radar detectors are divided into several large groups on the price category, of course.The principle is simple - cheaper means worse.But this does not mean that the ordinary motorist needs most expensive radar, because it is too powerful, will create extra noise.The choice to dwell on the fact that will have a sensitivity setting.I advise you to put on the road a little more, in the city - less.

Now it is clear, even if superficially, how to choose a radar detector.Do not disturb!