Why does not the phone?

Why does not the phone?

If a mobile or landline phone ceased to function properly, it is necessary to find the cause of the failure.Please inspect the device well and try to see if the unit was actually broken or there is another reason why the phone does not work.


following can be distinguished among the main mobile phone failures:

  1. Poor functioning keyboard.In most cases, this problem is due to hit the water or other liquid.Therefore it is recommended to disassemble the unit, dry it and remove traces of oxidation.If the keyboard is responsible for the work of a special processor, it can cause damage and failure of the keys.In this situation, the device should be sent to a service center.
  2. speaker does not function.If you have a "slider" or "clamshell", this situation may be due to the plume.He breaks or frays.As a result, the conductors are damaged, which are responsible for the sound.In this case the loop will need replacement.Sometimes the problem is due to the dynamics of mechanical damage.To solve this problem by replacing the parts.
  3. not functioning microphone.Similar problems, in most cases lie in the microphone.It is necessary to carry out a thorough diagnosis.If fears of a breakdown microphone confirmed, then it must be replaced.In addition, for the normal functioning of the audio channels correspond to different parts.To determine which of them has broken, it is possible only with the help of special equipment in the service center.
  4. ceased to show the display.The most common cause is damage to the screen.In this case it is necessary to replace it.Also, the fault may be caused by damage to the loop.
  5. Mobile does not catch network.Initially, you need to check whether the phone shows at least some of the signal level.If it is, then it is possible that the gadget does not support a particular network.Go to settings and select the mode in which the network will be automatically.If manipulation of the data does not give a positive effect, it is recommended to check the mobile phone with a SIM-card (another operator).If this does not work, then the problem is in the device itself.Possible reasons are many, ranging violation of software and finishing the breakdown of electronic components.
  6. phone turns off by itself.As a result of a fall or other mechanical damage disrupted PCB mobile gadget.Check out this easy.It is enough to bend a little phone with his hands.If it shuts down or hangs up after such a procedure, it means that the culprit is a fee.In the future, should go to a service center and replace it.

Regular phone

If you do not know why not work your home phone, initially check the connection to the network (see if the power cord from the wall socket fell out).If everything is normal, then check the cable from the wall outlet and to the panel.Quite often, the wire in a particular area is damaged (it peredavlivaet door, gnawing pets) or breaks for various reasons (someone tripped over him, pulled the mop, vacuum cleaner and so on.).

If you find a break, do twist.Do not worry about what you can get an electric shock.This will happen only in that situation, if you are someone tries to call while you are in that moment, clutching the two bare wires at the same time.Observe elementary safety precautions: twist the wires one by one.In this case, there is no reason to worry.Furthermore, there is no polarity.Accordingly, do not worry that connect properly.The only exception is the place where wires touch each other.It must be carefully insulated so that the filaments were individually.When trying to find the damaged section telephone wire without success, then seek professional help.

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