How to flash Nokia Lumia?

How to flash Nokia Lumia?

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How to flash Nokia Lumia?

There are several ways to flash a smartphone Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone-based.In this article, we'll show you how to do it using the official application Nokia Care Suite, which is suitable for any smartphones with Windows Phone 7 and 8.

Download Nokia Care Suite

app Nokia Care Suite is designed official firmware for smartphones in specialized service centers.Nevertheless, it can be freely downloaded from the Internet on the link to the official Nokia website.So you get the version NokiaCareSuiteForStore-2013.49.3.30.

After downloading the app, and if you have Windows XP - something else and update Windows Media Player to the latest version.

How to flash Nokia Lumia: User

Start Nokia Care Suite application, and select the Utility Product Support Tool for Store.To find the firmware open the «Tools menu & gt;Firmware Download »and enter the Product Code of your smartphone.Learn it can be either through the app itself or look at the battery and when the battery is built - in the information next to the slot for the SIM-card.This code usually consists of seven digits and looks like 059xxxx.By specifying the code, click «Check online» - and the app will find the appropriate firmware, after which it will be possible to download the «Download» button.

After downloading, disconnect the phone from the computer and close Nokia Care Suite, and then re-open the app and re-select tool Product Support Tool for Store.Open the menu «File & gt;Open Product »and select the model number of your device.It looks like RM - *** and appears next to the bar code on the box and in the battery compartment, and in the application.

click After selecting the numbers «Programming», and then «Recovery».Displays information about the selected firmware.Press «Start» and wait for the error message with the button «Retry».

Then connect the smartphone, hold it on the Volume Down key and Power button and press the «Retry» in Nokia Care Suite.Once the smartphone vibrates, release both keys on it and hold the Volume Up button.Wait for the inscription «Rebooting» in Nokia Care Suite window.Then Nokia logo appears and starts flashing.At the end of the smart phone will restart the process on their own.After that you will have to configure it again, since all settings are reset to the factory.

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