How to choose a DVR ?

How to choose a DVR ?

For your driving experience - small or large - every driver faces challenges like incompetent cops, young drivers or just reckless.At the same time they have to prove his innocence at times the most sophisticated methods.To the effects of such collisions are not harmed, many drivers buy DVRs.The captured video can help the driver to prove their case, and therefore, to avoid administrative or even criminal liability.Of course, along with the growing demand for video recorders and supply.So how to choose the DVR to not regret this purchase and spent time and money?Let's deal together.

How to choose a DVR for car

All DVRs can be divided into three groups:

  • most primitive ( "low grade"), which do not have a display for viewing current events, they only keep a record.Typically, these devices take the low quality video and no sound.Their only advantage - low price.
  • Ā«optimalĀ» recorders - are equipped with a display, which means that not only record the event on video, but also reproduce the information.The video quality in such devices is higher than the "low-grade", besides being recorded with audio.
  • so-called "major" type video recorders.These devices are the most advanced and functional of all the submitted classes: video removed high quality and with high resolution, it can be stored on the memory card, the device's camera can be rotated (and, therefore, view the horizon expands), and finally, in these DVRs have a built-in GPS/ GPRS-module which allows to locate the vehicle.

deciding how and what to choose car video recorder, make sure that it has functions such as motion detection (recording activation takes place automatically when the lens moving objects);circular recording function (automatically delete the oldest from the memory of the material, when the place is exhausted for a new record);to choose the quality of shooting;Setting the date and time;the ability to maintain the multi-format media;navigate through the video file.

Let us dwell on some issues relating to the question of how to choose a DVR.

Pay attention to his mount.The device is mounted on the windshield using suction or sticking?Bonding is useful if you decide to permanently install the recorder.Reinstall it with the attachment will be difficult.This mount has the maximum reliability.The so-called "sucker" is designed for people who often change the position of the DVR.

Check also the possibility of disconnecting from the mounting enclosure.Most likely, you do this operation will have to fairly often.Some models are easy dismantling operations registrars do not provide.But in this case fixed in the DVR should be soft.The device should sit on the mount firmly.Consider just the distortion of the recording, if the manufacturer has provided specific model fixation with backlash because receptionist will twitch when the vehicle is driving.In addition, it reduces the resolution of the "freeze frame" that can play a very negative role in some situations.

When video recording of what is happening around the sound is very important.The microphone can record the sound of the collision or braking.Therefore, when deciding which one to buy recorder, note how much is produced synchronously recording audio and video, if a high enough quality sound.Try to choose a model with a microphone, which produces less background noise when recording and backgrounds.

Another important point on which attention should be paid when buying a video recorder, - software.

Tested Korean and Chinese models differ from each other software.Chinese manufacturers have equipped their DVRs codec that allows you to record in the format.avi.Korean went ahead and installed as optional features registration G-sensor, which allows you to capture still and timing.It installs the software with SD-card, and she, in turn, comes with the device itself.

In addition, I recommend to pay attention to the fact that when the engine stops working, some of the Chinese model of DVR does not automatically turned off.The Korean models of the flaw there.They always finish their work well when the engine stops working;they are activated together with the moment when you start the car engine.In all models of the Korean video recorders have a special power supply controller and the capacitive element.

And the most important point in choosing the manufacturer, and therefore the software - the majority of Chinese video recorders form a space for up to 7 seconds at the junction of the rollers.If at this moment there is a traffic accident or other important event, the meaning of the acquisition of the device is lost.So do not forget to check with the sales assistant that moment.

So, now that you know how to choose a good video recorder, what questions need to ask the seller and what should pay attention to the subtleties, you can safely go for the purchase of this popular and much needed modern gadget when traveling.Light your way and a pleasant shopping!