Why the phone does not turn on ?

Why the phone does not turn on ?

Quite often have to deal with what is not working mobile device, rather, it is not included.This can happen for several reasons.In this article, we will understand why the phone is not included.

First of all, do not worry, because:

  • Firstly, such incidents happen quite often with many owners of mobile phones, and, basically, the question is always decisive.
  • Secondly, it happens with almost any phone.The answer to the question, why not turn on the phone Nokia or LG, Samsung or Motorola, the same.
  • Third, you need to understand that sometimes the owners themselves exacerbate the situation, without understanding the reason that the phone can not be switched.

Consider the possible reasons for which can not be included mobile device.

battery is discharged

Perhaps exhausted phone.It can happen to anyone.In the evening forgot to put the handset on charge, that's the phone in the morning and discharged.If after the start of charging the phone still does not turn on, the hope is not necessary to lose.You should leave it on charge for 24 hours.Then, if the phone is not involved, it is necessary to look for the reason in something else.

Battery faulty

Maybe the battery has deteriorated.To answer this you need to open the back cover of the device, and carefully inspect the battery.In case if it is found that it has a swelling, then the problem is in its uselessness.

had deteriorated

charger case may be that faulty is the charger.This also happens quite often.If possible, check the charging operation at another station.If it turns out that it regularly, then the cause must be sought elsewhere.


memory card If your phone has an additional memory card slot, and there is inserted, it can also be the reason why the phone is not included.It is possible that the card blocks the process of starting a mobile communication device.This can occur especially in cases when it is filled with information.If, after the card is removed from the slot, the phone it's still will not turn on, then the reason is different.

Mechanical damage

could happen very strong mechanical action on the phone, resulting in a breakdown.According to the external data it is impossible to determine the body, it can be absolutely intact.Could suffer likely internal mechanisms mobile communication apparatus.

What often leads to mechanical damage:

  • phone drop to the ground;
  • Crush in tight jeans pockets;
  • damage to small children or animals;
  • leaving the host device on the car roof;
  • crushing in the bag.

In the case of a failure, the phone is not recommended to open your own, you need to refer to specialists.

Water damage

Moisture can get into the phone, not necessarily because of its direct contact with the water.It's enough to just lay it in a humid place.Independently try to take any steps it is not necessary, you need to go to a specialist.

Possible causes moisture:

  • drop in a water bath;
  • fall into the toilet bowl;
  • fall into the snow;
  • use in the rain;
  • fall into the pond;
  • phone fogging caused by the performance of its master hard physical work;
  • leaving the phone in the street during precipitation.

Other reasons

  • If your smartphone does not turn on, maybe there was a failure in the software.It may, for example, require a firmware update or a rollback.
  • broken power button.Understand it yourself is very difficult.Such incidents happen very rarely, but they can occur as a result of cell phone falls from a great height.

We reviewed almost all the possible reasons why the phone is not included.Samsungli this, or any other model of the device does not matter.As a rule, the reasons for this phenomenon are the same.

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