How to choose the parking sensors ?

How to choose the parking sensors ?

The need for Parktronic increasing every year.The search for suitable parking spaces are transformed into a real test.If the car owner, and can not find a suitable area, in order to park his steel horse, the driver is required skill-superparkovschika.Therefore, drivers are showing miracles of ingenuity and resourcefulness, squeezing between cars, leaving between them and lamppost millimeters of space and every second risking leave a dent or a scratch on his "swallow".

Parktronic greatly simplifies the task of drivers who want to park your car in a tight spot.In addition, it remains hidden from the view of a tired motorist never miss the precise electronics, which is not afraid of no beds, no covers, curbs, low bars.

sensitivity and distance

In order to determine the order, how to choose the parking sensors, you need to understand the intricacies of such a device.Warning System is a specific sonar which is mounted in the bumper of the car and working on their frequencies (about 40 kHz).The device sends waves that are reflected by the obstacles and come back to the sensor.The period, which is required on the wave to reach the PDC, and will indicate the distance to any unseen obstacles that threatens your machine breakdown, and your wallet - unforeseen costs.

Parktronic is effective only when the obstacles to the remains of more than 170 centimeters.But if the distance is greater than, that any obstacle can be seen in the rearview mirror.With regard to the minimum distance.Operating distance parking radar - 24 centimeters.

PDC sensors on the bumper are automatically included when the driver switches to reverse gear.Nowadays, many companies that manufacture parking radar, make models and non-automatic switching.That is very convenient if suddenly the car was in a traffic jam - automatic parking assist in a confined space will go crazy.


sensors proceed directly to how to choose the parking sensors.First, you need to pay attention to the number of sensors in a particular model of a parking radar.The most primitive models have two sensors, which are mounted on opposite ends of the bumpers.But this is not the best option, since very little barrier in the center causes a small accident and the subsequent repair of the money.

Pay attention to the valet with three sensors, and do not forget that an extra "helper" can save you a lot of trouble.In fact, very low and thin objects always show how "slepovat" Parktronic with three sensors.That is why it would be better to stay on the model with four sensors, which will give you a 99% guarantee on the absence of "dead" zones of visibility.If you are sufficiently experienced driver, the parking sensors in the front bumper is needed.

Risk communication

When you have decided with what to choose parking sensors on the number of sensors needed for safe parking, pay attention to the method of notification parking radar of potential danger.Often parktronics notify car owners with the help of sound, but if it sounds loud music or the driver can not hear the sound can not be saved.Under this option, pay attention to the model, equipped and audible and visual warning.Color indicator lights green when the sensor is at a safe distance from the fence;and lights up red if there is a possibility of collision.


It often happens that modern automotive parktronics provided with a special scale, which has a screen with digital display.It clearly defines the exact distance to the obstruction.

If we talk about how to choose parking sensors, you save is inappropriate here.After repairing the bumper or, worse, the power elements of the body, will require much more financial costs than buying and installing parking sensors.And the benefits in comfort and superior safety in a bad mood for the period of repair car service station.