How to set up car ?

How to set up car ?

Poorly tuned radio will not allow you to enjoy the music.Therefore, to know, for example, on how to set up car "Pioneer", or any other, you need to before you make your first trip with this speaker system.

To begin tell you about the most important consequences of incorrect settings.Invalid parameter setting often leads to the fact that the dynamics of toil and wheezing.Also, often the sound from the rear speakers interrupts front, thereby destroying the integrity of the sense of the overall sound system.Often the front left speaker can hear much better than the right, resulting in a lost 3D-sound effect.It is worth noting that different brands of "pioneers" menu may be slightly different from each other, and some items can not be.However, the total of any car tuning strategy should be as follows.

Setting frequency

Before you set up the radio, turn on your favorite song.Now with the joystick to select FADER / BALANCE.Default settings are installed 0 FAD and FAD BAL 0. Set 15, thereby "transferring" all the sound in advance so that the sound from the rear speakers are not distracted.Now you can proceed to set up the frequency.

Set the volume higher to the dynamics began to wheeze.Rattle occurs because the system tries to reproduce low sounds too.To remove from the lowest bass bandwidth, go to the menu and HIGH PASS FILTER.Most likely, there will be set to HPF OFF.Adjust it so that the rattle was gone.. Typically, the size of 13 cm speakers minimum frequency should be approximately 100 - 125 Hz.If you have larger speakers, this number can be reduced.For example, a 16-centimeter speakers fit the lower frequency of 80 Hz.

Subwoofer Setup

We sorted out the initial actions on how to set up car, what to do next?Then continue to the rear speakers, so that they work in the subwoofer mode.To do this, you need to decrease the Fader (sound began to output from the rear speakers).Then we go to the point of SW Control actuators, select REAR SP and set its value to the SW (ie charge the rear speakers only play bass, that are lacking in the sound of the front).

go in the AUDIO menu, which select SW SETTING.By default, the value of HZ SW 80 0 (ie, the upper limit of the frequency for the subwoofer is 80 Hz, and the power level is equal to zero).It is recommended to set the limit frequency of 50 Hz (although it all depends on your preferences and the speaker quality).The power level is changed in the range -6 - 6.Select the one which pulls your system without distorting the sound.

balance setting

final operations by adjusting the balance BALANCE.This parameter is responsible for the way the sound is distributed between the left and right speakers.Zero value of the default parameter leads to the fact that the volume of the left and right half of the board is the same acoustics.Since the driver's seat (most frequently in Russian) is on the left hand, this leads to the fact that it is much better to hear the sound from the left speaker.Therefore it is necessary to move the balance to the right as long as you do not stop to feel the direction from which the sound comes up to you.

This basic setting of the machine over the speaker system.Now that you know how to configure the car correctly.