Why is the phone itself is turned off ?

Why is the phone itself is turned off ?

In today's world it is very difficult to do without a mobile phone.Telephone - is not a luxury.This is one of the main components of a happy life.Every day growing popularity of mobile phones.Mobile phone - this is our reliable and loyal assistant, effective means of communication, notebook, calendar, clock, player and a host of other handy features.

Why the phone is switched off

After prolonged use the phone may be damaged.Someone has it in itself is turned off in your pocket.And someone complains that the phone is switched off when dialing or when a call comes in.But why is the phone itself is turned off?The reasons can be many.Let us consider them in more detail:

  • manufacturing defect.It should be immediately exchanged phone;
  • poor connection between the battery contacts and telephone.We need to put the phone in another battery of the same model and wait a couple of days.If all goes well, then you just need to replace the battery;
  • crashing software.It is not so often, but still happens.This type of failure is best repaired in the service center;
  • sloppy behavior, that is banal carelessness owners.When mechanical damaged printed phone card can be damaged.In this case, you must contact the service center.It is necessary from the very first days of purchase carefully refers to the phone;
  • microcracks under the chips or cracks in the compound.This type of failure must be corrected in the service center;
  • damaged power amplifier;
  • out of the battery system.It should be for 24 hours to put the unit on charge;
  • breaking the power button;
  • water in the phone.This is also the most common cause of cell phone failure;
  • the failed transmitter.

How to fix the problem with disabling

Before you carry the phone to a service center, fully charge the battery.There must also be a set of all necessary accessories.Some reasons can be resolved by yourself.For example, using a knife or sharp object, you can clean the battery contacts and the contacts (battery) on the board.And if you do not know why the phone is switched off and on, then do not rush to give it to the shop.Try first to clean the contacts.

But we must remember that every injury requires the involvement of a specialist.Today, thanks to modern technology, qualified experts in their field in a short time will find and eliminate breakage.You can fully trust them.

Usually only minor damage can be repaired on their own.I do not need all the time to hope for a good repair the broken phone.It is necessary to protect the phone immediately after the purchase.Since it is not purchased for one day.