How to configure the onboard computer ?

How to configure the onboard computer ?

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How to configure the onboard computer?

board computer is a rather complex device and its adjustment may take some time.But before you begin to set, it must be connected to the car system.

board computer: Connect

To connect the on-board computer, you need to find the diagnostic connector.To do this, use the special connector.Of course, this connector should be suited to the fact that there is in the car.It often happens that the connectors do not fit, and we have to use adapters.As a rule, these are not difficult to find, for example, specialized in the automobile.

board computer: Configuration

After connecting the on-board computer must be configured.Note that the computer system automatically reads the current settings.To go directly to configure your computer to do the following:

  1. Switch on the ignition and start the engine.
  2. Go to the setting mode.
  3. Select electronic module type from the list and set it as default.
  4. Choose fuel consumption mode.
  5. If you choose manual determination, you will need to make the data on the amount of fuel in the tank yourself.
  6. Select the options that you want to appear on the display.
  7. Adjust the display backlight.
  8. recommended to manually set the fan start temperature for cooling of the engine.This is due to the fact that the computer is usually not able to determine the temperature of the engine, because many cars are not installed heat sensors.

Tips for setting up and using

Despite the fact that the on-board computer is designed to assist the user in the task of driving, the driver should be aware that it can not completely replace it.

  1. If your computer has the ability to assess the level of engine oil in the engine, do not take his word, and to periodically check the oil level on their own.
  2. Some board computers have the alarm system control function.However, it is worth considering that if the same signaling system can be protected against electronic hacking, in case the vehicle has been left with the ignition switched on, in the absence of protection of the computer, it can be easily hacked.
  3. should not impose on the computer more than necessary.Keep in mind that this device is able to consume a lot of power because of the large load due to which depletes the battery faster.
  4. Do not change the settings that were read from the electronic control unit.This is recommended only in the center of diagnostics and service machines.Otherwise, you might accidentally block the work of the onboard computer, and some of your car's systems.