How to set alarm?

How to set alarm?

In order to ensure the safety of vehicles, most people are in a hurry to purchase their car alarm, asthe most popular security device.But when installing car alarms and settings can be a variety of failures.Many car owners got into a situation where no apparent reason begins to arm the car alarm that is installed on the vehicle.Most often this can take place in the fall or in the spring due to temperature fluctuations.Such malfunctions cause incorrect signaling configuration shock sensor, namely, at a higher sensitivity level.There are also a number of key provisions in how to set the alarm correctly.

General settings car alarm

  • Closing lock.If the car door is closed but not locked lock, it can be locked and activate the car alarm is armed.To do this, hold the button «I» for 1 or 2 seconds.The system will confirm the closing of the castle and the entrance to the protective mode signal siren alarm, flashing lights car one more time will turn on.
  • opening of the lock.If the car door is closed and locked the lock, it is possible to unlock and disable the car alarm protective mode by holding the button «I» for 1 or 2 seconds.The system will confirm the opening of the lock and exit the security mode two signals alarm siren, flashing lights switched cars twice more.If the system works in the security mode, it will sound 4 siren alarm signal, and the signal lights switched on 4 times.
  • Automatic protection regime.This option can be turned on before you configure the car alarm, or turn off, hold the button «I» for 2 seconds.Choosing this option, the car alarm will activate a protection mode automatically, immediately after the closing of car doors.Automatic shutdown of the options will take place in case of reduction of the distance up to 15-30 meters between your keychain transmitter and car.
  • AutoPlay.Hold down the «II» for 2 seconds, you activate the automatic start of the engine having an automatic transmission.The alarm system confirms activation startup a short beep.

car alarm sensitivity settings

To alarm did not fire at the slightest movement in the street, you need to know how to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm accordingly.To do this:

  • first need to find a place of impact sensor mounting, many instructions to the car alarm, he is designated as VALET.In many cases, installing the alarm system on the vehicle, shock sensor installed under the bar in the lounge, or secured under the panel to the floor.Those.In any case, the sensor will not be visible.
  • After detecting sensor mounting location to find the adjusting screw on it.Pick a suitable screwdriver, with which you need to rotate the screw in the side, thus exposing the appropriate level of sensitivity of the shock sensor.It should follow the prompts the arrows, which are located on the sensor housing VALET.The arrows will show which of the parties is necessary to twist the screw to increase or decrease the sensitivity.
  • Now you need to activate the car alarm on your car and wait for at least one minute.Then you need to check the sensor settings.To do this would be sufficient to hit the windshield of a hand.Usually, the car alarm should be triggered only by a strong impact.
  • If you gently touched the glass, and the alarm went off, then you need to subtract a little more sensitivity of the sensor.And if the alarm activation does not occur, and after a series of violent shocks, on the contrary it is better to increase the sensitivity by turning the adjustment screw with a screwdriver.

car alarm key fob settings

Before you configure keychain alarm, you need to familiarize yourself with all functions and modes represented on it:

  • Additional tailgate opening channel.
  • indicator signaling status.
  • Enabling and disabling the security mode with the corresponding confirmation signals.
  • on and cancel the silent protection regime.
  • on or stop motor cars.
  • batch mode automatically start.
  • automatic start mode when the temperature changes.
  • Activation of anti-robbery.

If you go to the menu functions of your car alarm key fob, you can see a number of settings.Basic settings are: Set the current time, alarm time setting, on or off the alarm, silent mode selection key fob - vibration mode.

  • Before you adjust the time on the alarm, you need to go to the transmitter menu.In order to enter the menu key fob functions, press and hold the "4" until one melodic signal, and after two short beeps.On the trinket displayed figures showing the current time, they will flash for approximately 8 seconds.You can then proceed to setting the time - by clicking on the button "2" you increase the value by pressing the "3" - decrease the value.
  • set the alarm.It is necessary to press "4" does not hold to switch to the alarm hour.The panel also alarm clock digits flash.If you press the "2", then increase the value by pressing the "3" - decrease the value.
  • In addition, the system can be programmed to turn on while the motor is remote.To do this, set the start time and turn the timer on the panel icon.Check that the timer icon has not been active before.Then you need to set the start time, make sure that the current time is set correctly.Only after that you need to turn the timer icon.