How to flash the Samsung phone ?

How to flash the Samsung phone ?

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How to flash the Samsung phone?

To perform phone firmware Samsung, not necessarily contact the service center.Such work can be carried out independently, using special software.But it is important to perform this process correctly.

dwell in detail on how to flash a Samsung phone with your hands.

Preparation for firmware

Before you begin to self-piercing phone, you must be sure to fully charge the battery.After all, if in the course of this process the phone is turned off, you will not avoid serious problems with its functioning.

The next thing you need to do - to connect the device to a computer via a USB cable.PC operating system may offer to install additional drivers for the correct operation of your phone.It is recommended to do so, and then restart the computer and disconnect your mobile device.

Next you need to download the firmware for it.Best suited for devices Samsung software MultiLoader.It can be downloaded here.Then make the installation program to your phone.

Firmware Samsung

phone now turn to the very Samsung phone firmware.It is executed as follows:

  1. run on a mobile device MultiLoader program (at this time the phone should not be connected via USB to a PC).
  2. Go to its main menu.It will need to find BACK UP option and activate it.This will make a backup in case of data, if in the course of the firmware have problems.
  3. Go to the main menu, select it in the "Firmware" menu and then BRCM2133.
  4. In the window that opens, set a checkmark in the following items: Boot (later in front of him drop down menu, select the command bootfiles), Factory FS, Full Download, Rsrc1, Amss (at this point, select additional apps_compresset file bin.).
  5. Now go to the Download Mode.To do this, hold for a few seconds, the Volume keys and lock on / off button.
  6. Download label should appear on the screen.It will indicate that the process has been started and completed successfully.
  7. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and wait until the PC operating system detects the device.
  8. In the lower part of the window will appear the following message: com15 ready and your phone model.It is necessary to click on the RELOAD button, located next to it and wait a few minutes.During this mobile device is switched on and off, this is a normal process.
  9. After the need to disconnect your phone from cable and restart it several times.
  10. If the mobile device menu is in English, you will need to perform the reconfiguration.Make it helps the following command: * # 6984125 * #.Next in the opened menu item Pre-configuration is selected and indicated this password: "* # * 73561 #.After that, the device restarts and it is driven this configuration: "* 2767 * 3855 #.This firmware update is complete.You will only test the functionality of the device.

If you are unsure that you can correctly perform the Samsung phone's firmware, it is better to entrust it to specialists.But please only experienced craftsmen who give you a guarantee on the work performed.

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