How to connect the AUX ?

How to connect the AUX ?

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How to connect the AUX?

recorder on the market today almost all of them are made with a built-line input - AUX.But there are still producers who set this option only as an extra.

Linear AUX-in may need when you need to connect a variety of external devices - a smartphone player, TV, microphone, etc. In other words, this is the entrance, which allows you to play audio and video using the portable device through the car's audio system...

Any cassette recorder is equipped with this function, but hampered by lack of inputs.However, this is a solvable problem, because to do and figure out how to connect the AUX-in to the radio, you can own, without the help of professionals Service Department.How to make


need to manufacture such instruments:

  • headphones with a standard 3.5mm jack in;
  • soldering iron and solder;
  • necessary connectors;
  • wires.

If your car is equipped with radio, which comes as standard, it is likely, she already has a line input.Therefore:

  1. find the pinout connection.They see three pins to connect the left and right channels.
  2. Manually check that off just as necessary.You can not be afraid for their safety: voltage is very low, so the electric shock will follow.Each of the wires check the finger.To this end, the volume of car do more, and touching the wire, heard the buzz of the speakers.
  3. Now you need to solder the headphone jack.This can be done directly, or can be soldered connectors tulip species (which will allow you to connect different devices via adapters).
  4. standard to connect devices to the car will be via cable AUX-ports on both sides.

This cable is not necessarily buy.If you have a house outside of the headphones (and this is a fairly common situation, because the headphones tend to break down frequently), without sparing, cut the cable.We will join them, so consider the length that you need.So:

  • cut off the headphones so that one end of the wires were, and with other - jack connector 3.5 mm.We get two of the same cable.
  • we clean the wires on the side where there is no phone jack connectors.
  • stripping wire, we see that there are three wires in different colors (in both cases is the standard colors) - white, blue and green.
  • curl-color wires of the two cables to get a two-way cable.
  • take a soldering iron and solder, anchoring pins.
  • further isolate contact with electrical tape
  • connect one end of the cord into the socket of car, and the other - in our device connector.

Today, most devices are manufactured with a standard headphone jack - laptops, tablets, smart phones, portable TVs, and much more.So with your cable, you can easily make a connection.

To listen to music on the car radio will need to select AUX mode.Next, open your phone or tablet, music player and turn the desired song.Now, the music will not sound from the speaker phone, and will play the audio.

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