How to connect your GPS?

How to connect your GPS?

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How to connect the GPS?

GPS without exaggeration, is one of the most sought-after technologies.Thanks to everyone can find your location on the map, as well as to determine its trajectory.In this article we will look at how to install gps in the car.

Connection standard gps-navigator

Gps-navigators can be divided into two types

  • connected by wires to the battery;
  • connected via usb-cable or a wireless connection.

first type of navigator connected to the battery.Typically, these navigators are two wires: red and black.Red wire connected to the positive terminal of the battery and the black wire connects to any secure mounting of the engine.Black wire is not recommended to be connected to the negative terminal, as it may cause rapid battery drain.After all, the navigator uses a lot of electricity, as it requires constant updating of information.

second type of battery connected to the car via usb-cable or via a wireless connection.

Using your phone as gps

Modern smartphones have a feature that can be used by car owners as the gps-navigator.To do this, you need to download maps, which can be found online for free, then you will need to go to the navigation settings and select "Download maps", the device will automatically download maps that you can use when navigating.

Next you will need to select the card command, and then downloads the first of them.Once downloaded, you can see your location and map out the route.There is another way to use the card on your mobile phone.These are special services, for example, google maps, Yandex-maps, 2gis.These services have long proved themselves and have received a lot of positive feedback from users across the country.Previously, they were not in demand due to the fact that different low efficiency in determining the location, but now they are many people in our country.

Now all you have to fix the phone on the dashboard.You can use a special holder, which is sold in any electronics store or auto shop.

Thus, we examined the way in which you can use your phone as a gps-navigator.Please note that for this purpose right for Smartphone as a compact phone with a small display will simply not suitable as gps.

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