How to connect autorun ?

How to connect autorun ?

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How to connect autorun?

Car Alarm - a reliable assistant when it comes to security.As is known, the system is installed to protect the vehicle from theft.Today, virtually every car is equipped with an alarm, which alerts the driver in case of unauthorized access to the vehicle and attempted theft.

Speaking of auto-signaling, it means the concept of the anti-theft unit, which can automatically start the engine and other vehicle settings.

Advantages and disadvantages of startup alarm

As with any system, alarm system with auto can have positive and negative sides.The benefits include the following:

  1. small price (the cost of such services in the cabin is from 3 to 5 thousand rubles);
  2. availability of a variety of functions;
  3. relative ease of installation;
  4. convenience;
  5. time savings;

Of course, there are drawbacks:

  1. such installation "eats" the battery power may therefore need a battery with higher capacity;
  2. happens that the startup system works much better than the actual alarm.

What is needed for installation and connection startup alarm

First of all, you need to purchase an alarm with auto start.In this set you will most likely find the installation instructions - diagram.It should be well acquainted with this scheme.Be sure to check whether there is the necessary device for mounting, wiring of sufficient length.It is worth noting that you will also need experience working with electronics.If you have never worked with this, it is best to contact the maintenance service, as it may not only be ineffective, but also dangerous.

During the installation we will need the following tools:

  • long Phillips head screwdriver;
  • adhesive tape;
  • key 10 mm (socket);
  • 1N4007 diode and a multimeter;
  • clamps for 200 mm;
  • soldering iron and solder (PIC-60);
  • three-meter corrugated pipe diameter of 10 millimeters.

also in the car, you must have the central locking and the limit switches in the doors.Furthermore, it must be possible to install additional activators door.

Set autostart alarm

So, how to connect with autostart alarm?

  1. To start shooting all the pads on the front panel of the car.Most of them are fixed with screws or clips.To remove the lining, carefully look at the type of attachment, where necessary, help yourself or a screwdriver turn away caps.
  2. antenna glued to the windscreen behind the bar mirror, and a wire from it to start up to the lantern.Sensor shock better place for the glove compartment.As for the service button, put it in the most inconspicuous place, but so that access to it was an instant and easy.
  3. prozvanivatsya (known destination with a multimeter) all conductors in the left door.
  4. Through regular seal set in the engine compartment wire siren and trailer hood.Also under the hood set the motor temperature analyzer, siren and trailer hood.
  5. After connect central locking.most alarm unit must already be located behind the dashboard.
    • find on the left side on the floor of the wire that comes out of the rack and is a part of thick wire.
    • little we clean the wire and see that it consists of three - Blue (signal wire), white and red (+ 12V) and brown (minus).Under the scheme of the signaling installations are connecting these wires 6-pin cables for control locks the car doors.
  6. are connecting antiugonnogo bypass device - the immobilizer.This breaks the circuit device of electrical signals and prevents starting the motor vehicle, thereby preventing conflict with the signaling system startup:
    • bypass module frame frame set for the ignition key in this case is located in the crawler;
    • conductors extending from the ignition switch, located together with the power circuits of ignition;
    • set number of attempts, which hold the starter (usually 3 attempts, maximum - five).
  7. Connect the red wire to the starter signal power and other attributes.Configure starter: Scrolling - 1 second, switching time - 10 seconds, switch the ignition circuit of the second - 90 seconds.

All cables are laid in a corrugated tube, which was mentioned at the beginning, hiding wires, returns all pads and covers back and get a pretty aesthetic system, which is everything else and pleases you with its useful features.

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