How to connect a car ?

How to connect a car ?

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How to connect the car?

Connect the car you can own, doing exactly the advice and guidance of experienced motorists, or by using the auto-service specialists.But in the second case, you will have to pay for the services, and in the first - to set the car will not cost a penny, unless you spend some free time.But you will gain skills that are often useful to you as a motorist.So, how to connect the car?The search for answers to this question we now turn.

Installation Tools car

We hope that you have picked the right car for your own car, so you can only have patience and tools necessary for the installation of radio.You will need electrical tape and a set of screwdrivers, as well as the tester.Duct tape is an insulating material, so if you want you can replace it with shrink tubing.How long will it take to install the car, it is difficult to say.Because in some cases just a few minutes to perform all the work, and in some - and not enough of the day.

Fixing car if

wires before connecting with a car, you need to understand the way of its fastening to the car dashboard.The ideal option is the car mount when all connectors are suitable to your car.Moreover, the complexity of the installation of car depends on whether the battery announced, the antenna and the acoustic mass to the installation of car or not.If all of these tools are available, and in addition, contains all the connectors, then install the car easier than ever - it is necessary only to connect all connectors.Yet, when wiring instructions to the device.

If the connectors do not fit, but at the same time, the wires all withdrawn to the installation of car, then you must purchase a special adapter for your connectors.This will be the most easiest way to install the device, the more so today, problems with connectors purchase does not occur, because the store you can find everything you need to connect the car radio.

will things were more complicated, if the connector in your car conforms to ISO standards (such things happen when the machine is quite outdated model).Then we must replace the connectors in the car on new, relevant ISO standards.

Replace connectors is not difficult for matching the color-coded wires.However, under the following use simple rules.

  • Before you connect the car at home, that is, on its own, be sure the battery is necessary to disconnect the positive terminal, and not to be confused with wire connectors when replacing, remove one from the old connector and gradually connect to the new device.
  • radio To work reliably, it is necessary to combine good quality insulated wire and connection points.If the colors do not match the wires, it is necessary to use a tester to determine where to connect every posting.If the need arises, it can be an additional cable.


most difficult way to connect car, if not laid wires - you need to first perform this stage of the work, and only then to install the radio.To learn how to connect the car, we recommend the video to view.It will help you navigate as a practical guide is always clearer than the theoretical.

But as a rule, wiring pad - is a rare need for modern machines, but do occur, and such incidents.Therefore, to start buy a set of wires, cross-section less than 4 mm2 (this wire is ideal for supplying power from the battery).For the acoustics need to buy a special wire that will provide good sounding music.

  • On the back of the car there is a marking that will help you to connect the wires correctly.On the eve of a well-read instructions and understand with it.The modern model of the radio "fed" by the yellow power "poles" to be connected to the positive battery brand.Now, connect the "ground" wire, which are marked in black.With these cables you should have no problem - the wire must be secured to the vehicle body with a screw.
  • second "pole" - it is the red wire to be connected to the ignition lock.This wire when the ignition voltage is applied, whereby, radio begins to operate.You can with the red wire to enter and otherwise - to connect it with the yellow wiring to the battery, but please note that the battery while the vehicle is parked carried heavy load.Therefore, before you connect the unit so think carefully, because at one point, your battery can "sit".
  • Now we have to connect the wires to the speakers, taking into account the polarity and their positioning.If you connect the wrong wires, according to their polarity, the music will sound worse, but the radio will work.
  • After connecting the speakers, proceed to connect the antenna.This process will not cause difficulties, because it is necessary to stick the plug into the socket, if you are connecting passive antenna.When you connect an active antenna is necessary to conduct an additional power supply wire to the car radio.He labeled REM, AMP or ANT.

In principle, this all work on wiring and connecting the car is completed.So you know how to connect the car in his car, so can absolutely safely perform this stage of the work on their own, without involving outsiders, and not paying them money.However, the service will always be in demand.