How to Enable iPhone 4s ?

How to Enable iPhone 4s ?

iPhone 4s began to enjoy great popularity among smartphone users after publication.Beautiful design, good camera, fast operation interface, simplicity and efficiency of the software - all this attracted the attention of millions of users worldwide.

But no matter how the phone was not good, there will always be problems, mainly related to the marriage at the factory.However, there are problems and misuse of the phone.Also, some new users do not know how to turn on iPhone 4s unconventional ways, if it is turned off.

Consider this question in more detail below.

How to Enable iPhone 4s standard methods

All iPhone users are well aware that the phone has only three buttons on the casing - Power, Home, and volume controls.However, the developers have tried and made two ways to enable iPhone 4s:

  1. With clamping the Power button for a short period.
  2. With clamping Power button and Home for seven seconds.

The second method is an emergency and should only be used in extreme cases.In addition we may also experience a variety of problems with the phone, which will interfere with the integration of the iPhone.

Overheating or wetting iPhone 4s

If the phone will be a long time in the sun or in a very hot room, it may overheat.Then the flash memory and the processor will need time to cool down, to turn the iPhone.

If the phone gets wet, you should leave it on for a long time to dry in a warm, dry place.If after that it will not turn on, then you can safely carry it to the service for repair.

Discharging iPhone 4s

If the phone is dead, he is, of course, will not turn on.Just put it on charge and it will turn itself after some time or turn it on after ten minutes of charging.

Button Power broke in iPhone 4s

When the Power button fail or break away from the phone, then turn on the phone can be only one way - to put on a charge.Then the phone is switched on independently.However, to delay the repair is not worth it, because when the buttons were broken off from the body may be more a problem with the phone, and it will start disconnected himself from the slightest vibration or shock.Yes, and carry a constant charge is not always possible.

In all other cases the damage when the phone is not included in these ways, you should take it in for repair.

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