How to connect a car subwoofer ?

How to connect a car subwoofer ?

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How to connect a car subwoofer?

In order to listen to the music sound better, the machine can be connected to the subwoofer.Moreover, the factory subs in cars are very rare.It would therefore be useful information about its connection, which can be found in our article - How to connect the subwoofer.

get acquainted with how to connect a car subwoofer.


For connecting a subwoofer will need the following tools:

  1. pliers or wire cutters.
  2. capacitor.
  3. Fuse.
  4. Post.
  5. insulating tape.
  6. screed.
  7. set of keys.

Step 1. Speaker Selection

So, how to connect a car subwoofer yourself?Primarily, it is necessary to select the speaker.Ideal - a 10-inch subwoofer.It provides an opportunity to get additional front and bass.

Step 2: Prepare the box

are investigated further, how to connect a subwoofer in the car.It will also need a box.For the selected speaker, its volume is on average about 45-50 liters.In the box is necessary to provide connectors for the most dynamics, bass reflex, handles and sockets.Products for beauty can be upholstered.Nuance: if a passive subwoofer must be connected to your car amplifier, a speaker who will supply the low frequencies.

Step 3. Connection

How to connect the subwoofer in the car right?For this we need to know how to connect.

  1. first wiring is laid in the engine compartment, pulled up the trunk.
  2. in the trunk wire output from the so-called technological hole.Connected wires "+" and "-" to the amplifier.
  3. amplifier is connected to the radio using the RCA cables, or the so-called Tulip.
  4. ¬ęTulips" should be connected in accordance with color connectors.
  5. return wires are pulled together with a power cord that connects to the amplifier.It is also connected and the power cord.
  6. last step - the amplifier is connected to the subwoofer.

also important information about how to choose a subwoofer, in our article - How to choose a subwoofer.