How to turn an iPhone 5 ?

How to turn an iPhone 5 ?

iPhone 5 was released in 2013 and gained immense popularity, as most devices of Apple.He has always been famous for its ease of use, speed of operation and beautiful design.However, any devaysa always have problems from time to time in the software or on the technical side.Even the iPhone 5. Despite the fact that the phone quality, but sometimes will still occur breakage.For example, the iPhone is not included.Some new users for the first time hold the device in hand, also does not know how to include the iPhone 5.

Consider several reasons why iPhone 5 problems and their solutions.

What are some ways you can include iPhone 5

easiest phone from Apple turned on by pressing the POWER button and hold it for as long as the iPhone 5 will not start.It usually takes a few seconds.

happens that in this way the phone still does not turn on.Then the creators of the iPhone have come up with an enable function phone with a clamping POWER and HOME buttons for seven seconds.

If the phone still does not turn on, it is possible to apply several solutions to the problem.Let us consider them in more detail below.

iPhone 5 is discharged

most popular reason not to switch on the phone - when charging is finished.In this case, you just need to put the phone on charge and to recharge at least ten minutes before turning.Although usually the phone turns itself independently during charging.

iPhone 5 is charged, but is not included

If after charging the phone still does not start, then in this case you can try the second way to switch on the phone by holding down two buttons, as described in the first section.If this method did not, the phone has some fault in the technical or software, as will be explained later.

is recommended to hand over the phone in for repair in this case.

Broke Power

button happens that break the Power button on the iPhone 5, or breaks off.In this case, switch the phone will be a real problem.You can try to put the phone on charge and he has to be involved.However, this method does not always work and carry a constant charge is not possible.

After that, it is recommended to pass the phone to the service for repair and replacement of keys.

iPhone 5 to wet or overheated

phone after wetting can be broken.It is necessary to wait a few days or even weeks, leaving it in a dry warm place to dry the inside.Then you can try to turn iPhone or deliver it to the service.

If a very long time to leave the phone in the sun or in a place where the temperature is increased, the iPhone may overheat or even melt.After that, he will not start immediately, while the flash memory and the processor will be too hot to work.Before attempting to turn on the phone to wait for better cooling to normal temperature, and then try to turn on.

iPhone 5 is not included in any ways

If the iPhone is so damaged that it is not turned on by any conventional means, in this case, it must be attributed to the service to fix the problem in the software or technical sector.

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