How to connect a powered subwoofer ?

How to connect a powered subwoofer ?

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How to connect a powered subwoofer?

active subwoofer called element audiokonstruktsii cars, which in addition to its function of audio playback in the smallest audio band can play music through an amplifier.Its distinguishing feature is that it is not only completely does without an audio source, but the playback sound is many times stronger than conventional speakers.

But as a rule, it requires a separate installation of a specific sequence of actions which shall dwell in detail.So, we look at how to connect a powered subwoofer.

Check for outlets

subwoofer installation begins with the removal of the radio and check the presence or absence of a linear type output.

If so, it can be said, the installation will take place not only in a few times faster, but also increase the likelihood of creating the perfect blend between the subwoofer and speakers.

If the line input is missing, do not despair, as though the installation process will take a little more time and effort, but to connect the subwoofer's real.

Subwoofer Setup

  1. start to install the device in luggage cars.Roof - the perfect place for the subwoofer.
  2. Then hold control cables, power supply and power minus on the radio in the luggage compartment.
  3. recommended as the power cord stranded minus apply the required length with a cross section 6 mm or more / sq.
  4. Next cheat one side of the cord on any bolt of those that are placed on the body.But we should remember that before you proceed bolt should be cleaned of rust and paint residue.
  5. Then firmly tighten the bolt connection.So we create a simple structure for connecting a subwoofer.

details see the article How to set up the subwoofer.

Connect a plus

  1. The first thing we find or, if necessary, drill a small hole in the partition between the interior of the car and the engine compartment.
  2. Thereafter, the resulting opening stretch cord, hold it through the entire cabin and plants in the luggage compartment.
  3. It is worth noting that during the pull cord, it is recommended to wear rubber bushings.
  4. Next, attach the cable to the positive terminal of the battery in the engine compartment.
  5. Then, using plastic clamps, fix the cord along the entire length.
  6. Do not forget to close to the power terminal of the battery in the power supply cord punch holder with a fuse.
  7. Remember that the subwoofer connection is only possible using the input plugs amplifier unit built with high amplitude.
  8. Next we connect the control cable to the subwoofer.
  9. produce switching of the speaker plugs to the high amplitude of the amplifier unit built.
  10. During this procedure, do not forget to adhere to the correct polarity.
  11. We provide signaling and control cables directly into the luggage compartment, and it is there where the pads are attached unit built amplifier.

final stage of installation

  1. study in detail the wiring diagram to identify possible deviations and perform switching activities.
  2. Then configure the sound device settings and return the radio to its rightful place.Next
  3. remains securely fix the subwoofer in the luggage compartment in order to avoid vibrations due to the loud music.

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