How to set up 3G on the iPhone?

How to set up 3G on the iPhone?

iPhone - not just a device that allows you to call, it is not just a device, but also a way to emphasize its image.The ability to keep pace with the times.Naturally, this gadget is packed with all sorts of different features and functions that allow all interests, and not just focus in this little plastic box (music, multimedia, games, internet, etc.).

Rare ayfon the holder does not use it to access the Internet, check their email, etc.IPhone can connect to the Internet in different modes, one of which 3G.How to set up 3G I'll explain very available on the iPhone.But first, it is necessary to know how to do to adjust to interenet.Of course, you can apply to cellular shops, where you will do everything for the coin.But this article is for independent and skillful.

so I want to start from the ground - with the iPhone 3G.How to set up the Internet?First we need to check whether your operator is connected to your telephone number, GPRS \ EDGE service.Now operators provide accommodation to which this service is by default enabled.But still, you can check with your network operator whether the connection is available - if not, tell them to connect.

  • In the Beeline network, dial: 067 409 181, and in return will receive an SMS with the settings to be saved.
  • The MTS dial one of the numbers: 0022 or 0880.
  • Megafon offers rooms with service included.

now adjust the settings in the device: "Menu" - "Settings" - "General" (General) - "Network" (Network) - "Cellular Data Network" (you may have to disable active 3G) - Hammer settings of yourthe network operator.


  • access point (APN) -
  • Username - beeline
  • Password - beeline
  • IP-address and DNS is left blank


  • access point (APN) -
  • Username - mts
  • password - mts
  • IP-address and DNS - empty


  • access point (APN) - internet
  • Username - gdata
  • Password - gdata
  • IP-address and DNS - empty

saves all settings and open the browser, in this case MobileSafari.Now let's talk about how to configure the 3G on the iPhone.3G - a network mode, which will provide higher speed of loading pages.But minus mode - before the battery sits down.

customizable: Menu - Settings - General - Network - Enable 3G (move the slider towards) 3G is disabled in the same way, simply move the slider in the opposite direction until the device will give "Off".