How to connect the rearview camera ?

How to connect the rearview camera ?

If you decide to install a rear-view camera, keep in mind that different models are available, and a guide how to install the rear-view camera is not suitable for all variants.Firstly, the installation is made in different places.Secondly, the compound may be effected as a continuous operation chamber, and for its incorporation only at engine startup.

Wiring still almost the same for all models, specification requires only where to install the rear-view camera.It is also clear that this device in today's traffic becomes simply indispensable on the road, and greatly simplifies the life of the driver.

scheme rearview

  • Camera Connection in matters relating to how to put a rear-view camera will not go wrong, if you know what's what connects.We have 3 wires - black ( "minus"), red ( "plus"), yellow ( "Video").Our task to connect the yellow connector to the input of the monitor or TV.Black respectively connect to the battery weight, the red wire is connected directly to the camera.
  • If you want to monitor is automatically switched on when the car goes back, connect a special wire to the reversing lamps.Such a wire is provided in those models, which have a similar function.Heed to the wires, not to be confused, because it is fraught with the damaged equipment, if your model does not have a corresponding protection when the gadget is just not working.
  • Many camera models have wires- "outputs".You just need to connect the video coax cable.The power cord is also available.
  • There is a way to connect when you need to crimp wires and connect through the respective connectors.Some manufacturers have taken care of those customers who do not know how to connect a rear view camera, and therefore simplified the problem by implementing a standard RCA-connector known to all as the "tulip".It simply must be connected to a video input on the radio.

Power camera

camera is powered by an electric current with a stabilized DC voltage of 12 V and the power of no more than 0,7Am.Some models are available for short-circuit protection on the outputs.Remember that the instructions for operating this unit will last a long time, if you observe temperature range from + 10 ° C to + 40 ° C and the humidity does not exceed 80%.

video signal from the camera to a TV, portable DVD-player and so on. N. Passes through a conventional coaxial cable.These cables are used in everyday life in order to connect the normal television reception.

Appointment and operation of cameras rearview

function of this equipment is to facilitate parking or reversing.Camera is indispensable in low visibility or when a small space for maneuvering.Just paid off the camera in traffic jams and heavy traffic as a means of further collision warning due to incorrectly selected distance of a vehicle overtaking.

camera is very tiny, with a diameter of around 2 cm with a viewing angle of nearly 180 °.Cameras broadcast sufficiently clear color image.If the sensitivity is not less than 0.1 lux, and really see things in the dark.The cameras produce with weatherproof designs.

purchasing the camera, be sure to check for the presence of deffektov right in the store.All of these compelling advantages of long-type cameras makes them very popular among drivers, especially in cities with heavy traffic.