Where is the fuel pump ?

Where is the fuel pump ?

Gasoline pump: what kind of device and where it is, ask a novice motorist.If you are such, and you like to repair the car with their hands, the article will detail where the gasoline pump.To begin with we describe what the fuel pump to make it clearer.

Gasoline pump - a device through which fuel enters the engine.Since the tank and the engine are at a considerable distance from each other, and on a level below the tank, it is necessary to create a pressure that the fuel has reached it.This function is engaged and the gasoline pump.Gasoline pumps are mechanical and electrical type.Mechanical fuel pumps are used in gasoline engines.Electric fuel pumps are used in engines with electronic fuel injection system.Basically, fuel pumps are installed on or inside the tub.Less common external fuel pumps or both, and other directly.Mechanical fuel pumps are located outside the tank, while the power installed inside.This helps reduce the noise from the fuel pump, since it operates under pressure.The electric fuel pump is completely immersed in the contents of the fuel tank, by the way, so he and cooled.Therefore recommended to maintain is not the low level of fuel in the tank.

How to get to the fuel pump

Since the pump is in the tank, then you first need to know where to find this same tank.Most often, the fuel tank in the cars located under the rear passenger seat.Most often, access to the dispensing pump and located underneath.To reach the fuel pump, it is necessary to remove the seat.After removing the seat and removing noise isolation, you will find a small hatch - it is gasoline pump cover.From it should depart fuel hoses and wires due to which also feeds the engine fuel pump.To get the gasoline pump, you have to unscrew the fitting and disengaging the power plug and the petrol pump control.If you remove the lid, then under it will be the same gasoline pump.This plastic part, which inside the motor and the bottom of the strainer.Less frequent access to the dispensing pump of luggage.

External fuel pump usually installed in the engine compartment, near the injection system.Identify it can be on the fuel hose extending from the fuel injection system.