How to cut the sim card ?

How to cut the sim card ?

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How to cut the sim card?

Many current models of smartphones and tablets require a smaller SIM card.Depending on the size of the SIM cards distinguish micro and nano card.To start using a new mobile gadget, you must convert the old sim card.

learn how to cut the sim card, we will discuss in this article.

How to cut your own sim card

The first thing you want to take care of the preservation of important information from sim card.To do this, copy all the necessary contacts and messages in case the card is lost performance.

What is needed:

  • sharp scissors or a knife stationery;
  • line;
  • pencil or pen;
  • sandpaper;
  • caliper.

cropped to the size of micro sim card

Micro-SIM has a size - 15 (width) x12 (length) x0,76 (thickness) mm.normal size SIM is 25x15x0,76 millimeters.Thus the need to adjust the length and width of the card.

  1. Apply marking a sharp pencil or pen with a thin pen on an old map, making the measurement with a ruler.
  2. Then make cuts using stationery knife and cut the excess plastic parts with sharp scissors.If you can not cope with the plastic, you can use a metal nail file.
  3. Since the procedure requires strict compliance with the size, you need to use a caliper (ideally electronically).
  4. Cut right corner of the SIM card and sand the edges using the sandpaper.

cropped to the size of the nano sim card

dimensions of the nano-SIM are 12,3x8,8x0,67 millimeters.That is, except for the length and width will also be necessary to adjust the thickness of the card.

to cut the sim card to fit your needs, use the algorithm described above.

To reduce the thickness need sandpaper.

  1. Sand extra plastic layer, comparing the value with a caliper.
  2. In no case do not wash coating on the side where the chip is located.

Keep in mind that this procedure does not guarantee one hundred percent efficiency trimmed cards.Therefore, there is a risk that the card will be spoiled.

If the SIM card does not work, contact your mobile operator.Many companies spend a free replacement of damaged simok.

Pruning sim card with the help of the cutter

to cut the sim card to the desired size, you can buy a special tool.The device is a special stapler, which can quickly cut normal sim to the size of micro or nano.

replacement SIM card from the cellular company

In addition, many mobile companies are free replacement of standard SIM cards at the micro or nano-SIM.

To restore or replace the SIM card should show a customer care specialist passport.If you want to make a replacement third party, you will need notarized power of attorney from the owner of the card.

when handling a legal entity other than the identity document, you will need a power of attorney from the firm, which must be stamped and signed by the Director General.

When SIM card is changed for the subscriber is stored mobile phone number, rate plan and the current balance.

Another way to get a SIM card the correct size - to buy a special adapter to store digital technology.Standard SIM card is inserted into the adapter and placed in a cellular device.

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