How to connect the camera to the radio ?

How to connect the camera to the radio ?

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How to connect the camera to the radio?

Until recently, many drivers were treated to a rear view camera is very skeptical, but now the owners of cars, and manufacturers began to be attentive to safety.In many models of cars camera even appeared in the box.

We'll tell you how to connect the camera to the radio alone.


cameras When buying a rear view camera, pay attention not only on the manufacturer and price, but also on her look.Some motorists confused rear-view camera with front camera.To distinguish them simply: front camera gives a correct image, the rear - mirror.

To install the camera, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the tape recorder has an LCD screen;
  2. Check for standard cables that are included with the camera: Black - "minus" red - "plus" and yellow for video.Plus and minus connect to the reverse wiring, respectively: positive to positive and negative to negative.This is to ensure that the camera is automatically activated when the reverse gear;
  3. Yellow wire, connect one end to the chamber itself, and the other - to the car.At the appropriate connector must be the inscription video in.For laying cables must partially remove the inner lining of the car.Watch carefully, nowhere to bend or pinch the wire;
  4. There is also a rear-view camera with a wireless connection.They are powered by a rear light and a video broadcast takes place using a special transmitter that is connected to the same video in jack on the radio.


camera Before adjust the rear-view camera, switch on the ignition in order to have access to the radio and follow these steps:

  1. Click "settings" and go to "Camera";
  2. from the list, select the rearview camera;
  3. Use the joystick or buttons to adjust the camera's focus according to your preferences.

Article - How to connect a rear view camera, you will find further practical tips on this topic.