How to set up email on an iPhone?

How to set up email on an iPhone?

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How to set up email on an iPhone?

Initially, iPhone was not created for entertainment, but mainly to surf the Internet with the obligatory use of mail.This smartphone is a very handy device.But quite often people do not know how to create a mailbox or how to set up email on your iPhone.And there is nothing surprising, sinceit is not so easy, especially for those who have only recently acquired the iPhone and did not have time to understand it.We can help.

mail Setup under the service

Initially, you must go to the app called "Mail".Then select "Other" or "Other."You will see several fields that must be filled.Where it is written "Name / Name», inscribe your name (if you receive a letter, it will appear as the sender's name), and in the line titled "Address" to provide your an email (say, polzovateliphone @ mail. Ru).String "Description" can be left blank or write any information.

next field is called "Incoming Mail Server".It is also necessary to fill line.Fits the host name (pop. Mail. Ru), username (this is your email address to the icon "@") (eg, polzovateliphone).Then one of your own password on the box and write it to a string, entitled "Password / Password».

Next to the outgoing server name field is entered (smtp mail ru:.. 25) and click on the button "Next".Then there should be a line with the words «IMAP Confirm your account information."Wait for a window appears with a warning that you can not connect using SSL.Then will follow the phrase "Do you want to try to create an account without SSL?».Select "Yes".

Then, to set up mail on iPhone mail, you must wait until a message appears that the IMAP account could not be verified and click on "Accept" and then to "POP" and click save.All the setting is completed.

problems with sending emails

In order to avoid difficulties with sending emails, go to the application "Mail, Contacts, Calendars."Select the account you just created and enter the outgoing mail server (or in another way it can be called "primary server").Here, set the number 25 (or 465).

Mail on Yandex

Then we'll show you how to configure the Yandex mail on the iPhone.Press «pop3», select "Incoming messages (POP3)».In the line "Host Name" enter "a ».In paragraph entitled "Outgoing messages (SMTP)» enter « ».POP is the mail protocol.There is also such as IMAP, which performs synchronization of mail and, unlike the former, more economical and reliable.And it has a higher speed than the POP.

also about how to configure e-mail on the iPhone 5, in the Internet you can find many video instructions that will help you more fully understand these complex transactions for beginners.Although, to understand to set up mail on any iPhone model, you can expect that at the newer versions of the smartphone will be possible to make all the same manipulations without any problems.