How to unlock sim ?

How to unlock sim ?

Every smartphone user may encounter locked sim-card.This may be due to the fact that the SIM card is not used for a long time, or as a result of violation of rules set forth in the contract.Also, the lock can occur due to incorrectly entered PIN code.Whatever the reason, the decision may be several.They will consider in this article.So, how to unlock the SIM card?

Unlocking SIM card

further discuss how to unlock a sim card for different operators.

  • unlock sim card MTS subscriber is provided for handling support office.Do not attempt to call the subscription service, as operators can not help you.Be sure to bring your passport or any other document that certifies your identity.
  • you can use another method, which involves the use of self-service systems.You will need to visit the MTS website and go to the Internet Assistant menu.You will need to enter your number and receive sms-password.Then you need to send the code with the phone * 111 * 25 #.After that Internet Assistant is synchronized with your phone and send to the password number.Enter the password on the site "Blocking Numbers" section.Then you will be able to unlock your phone.
  • If your phone has been locked by you, but you have forgotten your password, use the support for number 08 90.
  • Beeline subscribers can use special phone 8800700 0611. You will need to give her last name, first name and patronymic.You also need to answer a few questions, such as how long you registered your SIM card, as well as some numbers called last.You may have to contact the office.You will need to bring your passport and fill out an application on the SIM card recovery.As is the case with MTS will have to wait a day before the consideration of the application, then you will be answered.Restoring a SIM card is free.
  • Megafon subscribers can apply to the subscription service to restore your sim card.Dial 57 77 777. You can also use a shorter number of 0 500. Explain the operator to the problem and help you restore a SIM card.However, the procedure may not be feasible, in which case you will have also access to the office and write a statement.
  • You can also use the PUK-code, which is usually included in the envelope with the SIM card.

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