How to start the car in cold weather ?

How to start the car in cold weather ?

winter operation period is the most difficult, not only for the owner, but also for the car.Especially look depressingly problems with the launch of his "iron horse" in the frosty morning after a cold snap.In order to facilitate the launch of a winter car, you need to prepare it properly for use in the winter season, as well as to know some techniques on how to start the car in the winter.

vehicle Preparations for the launch

engine Preparing any car for winter operation should start with the battery.To do this, you need to clean up the terminals, then carefully tighten all nuts and fastening.If your car battery is old, it is better to replace it with a new one.When choosing a new battery should give preference to well-known brands with a large capacity.Avoid cheap Chinese and Russian counterfeit batteries.You must also be regularly cleaned with a dry cloth surface between terminals.On the starter contacts, check the power supply wires and the tightness of tips that protect these pins.During the attempt to start the engine, it is necessary to avoid long-term work, not to burn it.Attention is drawn to the fact that long-term rotation of the motor starter is reflected negatively on the power unit of the car, especially in those cases where he Injection system and electronically controlled.It is necessary to check the condition of high-voltage wires.It is necessary to draw attention to the absence of cracks in the insulation.At detection of cracks, it is necessary to replace the entire wire, rather than trying to eliminate them with water-repellent spray.You also need to check and cover tramblera.Do not use second-hand or Chinese wire because of this replacement will not be leaning.You should check the gearbox oil condition, it must be replaced if necessary.Particular attention should be paid to the level of fuel.The tank must be filled to more than half.This is necessary in order to prevent water that collects at the bottom from falling into the fuel line and there will not freeze at low temperatures.

How to make a car with a manual transmission

main rule, which allows to solve such a problem, how to start the car in cold weather, is to disable all electricity consumers.These include: the lights, the heater fan, air conditioning, audio system, heated rear window.If the battery is cold, to heat it, you must turn on the lights for 30 seconds.Then turn the starter motor, but starting up immediately.After that you can start the main attempts to start the engine, depress the clutch at the same time.If the first attempt is not successful, you must wait for a break in 30-40 seconds.Then you can try to re-start the engine.Do not touch the accelerator pedal as the injection system itself must provide the correct amount of fuel.Thus, one should not spend more than 5-7 start attempts with pauses between them in 30 seconds.If these methods did not help, and you do not know how to start the car in the winter, in this situation, it is necessary to remove moisture from the high-voltage wires.To do this, use a spray Wd-40.Connect the wires to the battery, you need to ask the other driver "to light."The main thing is do not forget to start the pause between attempts.In case if this method did not start the engine, you can resort to the help of tugboats.Thus it is necessary to agree in advance with the driver of the towing signals, and then turn on the second or third gear.When the engine has started, you can not give it to stall.To do this, gently press the gas pedal.Then you need to immediately squeeze the clutch and engage the gear.Now the motor should be warm.To do this you need to increase the engine speed to 1100-1500.So the engine will warm up much faster, and the battery - charged.

How to make a car with automatic transmission

For vehicles with automatic transmission it is necessary to prepare for winter operation more thoroughly.If your car battery is more than three years, should be replaced with a new one.In order to facilitate the starting of the engine in the winter season, the industry produces a special fuel additives.They significantly improve the properties of cold ignition of gasoline.Do not forget that gasoline is losing their properties at lower ambient temperatures below - 32 degrees.Morning start in the bitter cold is starting to turn on for a couple of minutes, dipped-beam headlamps.You can then start the engine to start.If the attempt is not successful, you should make an injection of a small amount of air into the intake manifold.This broadcast is designed specifically to facilitate the engine start in the winter season.If, after all attempts to start the engine as described above and failed, do not be discouraged, you may still be able to start the car.Help you in this can have a start-charger.In any case it will be necessary to restore the capacity of the battery, and only then can be repeated attempts to start the engine in a car with an automatic transmission.

If you own a car with "automatic", then you should not use the following methods starting the engine in cold weather:

  • Under no circumstances should one try to start the car "with pusher", resorting to this method, you will not only damage thetransmission, but also can damage the motor.
  • If you try to use a third-party source of electricity to run the starter motor, do not confuse the plus and minus, otherwise the matter will not end a blown fuse.
  • not switch modes of transmission at the muffled engine, it can also cause damage to the transmission.

Now you know how to start the car in cold weather.We wish you success in your work!