How to connect the bridge ?

How to connect the bridge ?

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How to connect the bridge?

audio quality is very important for motorists, music fans.But the purchase of a good amplifier and subwoofer does not necessarily mean the presence of high-quality sound.In order for all "began to play", you need to properly connect the basic elements, without losing power and not put the battery.The most optimal solution is a two-channel amplifier and the connected subwoofer bridge.This article will talk about how to connect the bridge two-channel amplifier.

Connecting amplifiers

is important to note that the amplifier is very hot, so it must be installed in a well-ventilated place.Choosing the optimal location, proceed to the amplifier connection:

  1. bolted or self-tapping our power.
  2. Close to fasten the battery main fuse.
  3. Paving the amplifier all the wires and reconnect them.When connecting wires is very important to do things right.The terminals "+" and "-" on the amplifier should be connected to the same terminals on the speakers (positive to positive, negative to negative).it should be a wire connected to the positive terminal of the amplifier to connect a subwoofer in bridged mode (+), the other - to the negative (-).Contacts that have remained untapped at the amplifier should be connected to each other.But it must be done, not all models of amplifiers (need to look in your device manual).
  4. Now you can connect the power to the main unit amplifier.Before you do this, you need to check your system for the presence of closures.Virtually all modern amplifiers have LEDs that indicate a fault.If the lights green, or blue light, then everything works fine, but if the red - where a problem (something connected incorrectly).It so happens that the two wires that go to the speaker, may be closed to each other, which can also make work protection.

After removing all the problems you can start setting up the sound system.

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