How to connect multitroniks ?

How to connect multitroniks ?

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multitroniks How to connect?

Today, on-board computers in the car play a huge role in the life of the motorist.They inform the driver of useful data such as fuel consumption, engine condition and other vehicle systems and even temperature in the cabin.That is why many drivers are now installed on-board computers.

One of the best on-board computers is considered to be on-board computer Multitronics.Typically, motorists come to the service to install the computer in the car, however, some car owners prefer to do it yourself.

consider in detail how to connect Multitroniks alone in the car.

How to connect Multitronics

To connect the on-board computer Multitroniks perform the following steps:

  1. first thing is to find a place where it is most convenient to install on-board computer.On-board computer, in this case should be in front of the driver's eyes and at the same time not hamper the view of the road.Therefore, it is not necessary to install Multitroniks on the glass, as it is not necessary to install on the dashboard, because it is necessary each time to mess with it.The best option may be considered on-board computer room between the rear-view mirror and the ceiling.However, it will have little to lower the mirror below.
  2. then you must turn off the car battery terminal to connect the new electronics.
  3. stretching a cable for connecting on-board computer via the sun visor.To do this, you can not remove the cap, and use a wire-drawing.
  4. All wires can be stretched on the floor under rugs, so they do not interfere.
  5. wire to be connected on-board computer with the ignition and the cigar lighter to create a "physical lock."
  6. Parse door for connecting the fuel gauges.To do this, we find under the driver's seat two light pads.Choosing to connect the closest, because from long is necessary to tinker.Typically, the fuel sensor wire from the board green computer.If the color is different, you should see the color of the wires in the documentation.Connect a fuel sensor wire to gray at the nearest block.
  7. includes a car battery, and try to incorporate on-board computer.

If all goes well, it will only adjust the on-board computer Multitroniks check sensor readings.If the connection is incorrect, you will have to disconnect the battery again and repeat the connection procedure again.All the useful information you can find in the documentation.

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